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We know that, from time to time, you have to pamper the face in a special way and, in addition to washing it with purifying gels, applying tonics or moisturizers daily, special facials, such as exfoliations, intense hydrations With masks and so on. Today we are going to talk about DIY facial treatments, especially facial masks, which you can do yourself or yourself at home with natural ingredients. Here we go!


Homemade coffee face mask

The first special treatment you can carry out is to perform a coffee face mask. To make this mask you just need only ground coffee and milk, as well as a container and a spoon to form the homogeneous paste. With this mask is achieved exfoliate the face removing dead skin, in addition to stimulate blood circulation and to contribute antioxidants to the skin of the face.


Homemade olive and lemon facial mask

We already know that olive oil is a natural product that gives excellent results when it comes to moisturizing the skin. If we add to this other ingredients, such as lemon, the results improve, so we recommend making a homemade mask by mixing the juice of a lemon with a quarter cup of olive oil or sweet almond oil. This mask, in addition to scrub, is intensely moisturizing, easy to do, to apply and economical.


Homemade Egg Face Mask

The chicken egg has many benefits for the organism, either through its intake or to put it on the skin. In this case it is beneficial for the skin, since it moisturizes it. If you have skin secyou need intense hydration, separate the yolk from the white and stick with the yolk and whisk. If you have the oily skinwhisk just clear and add a little lemon or honey, If you want. For normale skinsYes, you can beat the Whole egg. It is easy to apply on the face and you have to wear it for 30 minutes, then rinse and see how fresh the face is.


Homemade yogurt, orange and aloe facial mask

If your face needs a quick cleaning, you don't have to go to the beauty salon if you don't have time. For clean the skin and tighten pores, just apply some natural yogurt on the face and let it sit for about 20 minutes, If you need a facial revitalizer, mix a small spoonful of natural yogurt with juice of a quarter of a slice of orange, some orange pulp and a small tablespoon of aloe vera. Applying this mixture only five minutes It will help you clean your face and unclog pores.


Homemade oatmeal and yogurt face mask

We finished our selection of homemade facial masks by recommending one of oatmeal. Oatmeal is another one of those products that has sneaked into our life through its intake, either solidly eating oat flakes or solid, with oat milk, since it has multiple benefits. For this mask you will have to mix half a cup of hot water with a third cup of oat flakes. After two or three minutes, add to the mixture two tablespoons of plain yogurt, two honey and a teaspoon of egg white. Apply a thin layer of this mixture on the face and leave it for about 15 minutes. It will leave your face stimulated and with a better appearance.

We hope that these facial treatments for the DIY face that we have chosen will leave your skin exfoliated, hydrated and revitalized. Do you recommend any other homemade facial mask that works? We are waiting your comments!

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