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Today's post is dedicated to tester perfumes. Normally when you buy a perfume in any cosmetics store it has specific characteristics: it is wrapped in cellophane paper to protect the contents and carries an import stamp. However, we want you to know another less known and cheaper option such as tester perfumes : D At ComoCombinar we always take care of your pocket!

What are tester perfumes?

Point number one and the most important!

Are the perfumes created, distributed and distributed by brands and large firms to publicize a fragrance. It is very important to keep in mind that the content of the perfume is exactly the same as any regular sealing. At the same time, the perfume bottle is identical, the only thing that can vary sometimes is that it comes with a sticker or identification that marks it as tester. The packaging is usually cheaper, it comes in white boxes or brown cardboard instead of the usual printed coverage.

tester perfumes

Where can you find them?

The tester perfumes They are increasingly popular on the Internet! : D We recommend the page, an online store specializing in the tester trade. All the perfumes you will find in this store are of high quality and at the best price, completely new and unused.

What should you keep in mind?

Good maintenance of the perfume is very important to preserve the aroma. In case you did not know, the level of acidity of the skin, if it is summer or winter, body fat, small constipated, after cooking and the consumption of medications among many other factors can condition perspiration and therefore, the fragrance of perfume Also, you should know that a brand new perfume is kept in perfect condition for a year. Of course, very important! You should store it in a dry place and keep away from direct light.


What are you waiting for to try them? The tester perfumes They have many benefits and you will get a considerable reduction, you can save 50% less!

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