Discover the mackerel of Preserves Virgen del Carmen


From the center of Tarifa, prepare the fish from the beginning manually, eviscerate, chop and clean, using the techniques of yesteryear, treating it with care until introducing it into the can. In this way, they guarantee the purity of the fish preserves and the excellence of the product.

The fish used is of the highest quality, to offer the public a gourmet quality product. The fresh product is selected following the parameters of weight and size required, with a certificate in levels of hygiene and food safety.

The stuff that receives the Virgen del Carmen canning is freshly caught using the millenary techniques of tuna traps, which consists of installing a labyrinth of nets in the passage of tuna, between two boats located at a distance.

It is frozen for sanitary reasons to avoid possible bacteria and parasites such as anisakis, thus preventing the intoxication of diners. In addition, preserves are filled with cooked food and preserved under vacuum, so the product reaches us with its intact properties, initial freshness and in perfect condition.

Virgen de Carmen has different packages and products to choose from such as canutera melva, almadraba melva, tuna trunks, mussels, fried anchovies, southern mackerel and other gourmet preserves.

cans of virgin mackerel from Carmen

Canned mackerel

In the case of preserved mackerel, it is carefully selected to offer an excellent product of the highest quality, like any other product treated by Virgen del Carmen.

Mackerel is a blue saltwater fish that is very common and popular in the Atlantic region. It has a hydrodynamic body that makes it reach enormous speeds and feeds on smaller fish, crustaceans and mollusks.

The skin of the mackerel is tabby in the dorsal area, the sides and area of ​​the belly whitish and without spots. The fishing season is between the months of February and May, in the Atlantic, from Morocco to Norway and the Baltic North, from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea.

It is one of the richest fish in Omega 3 and contains a lot of vitamins of group B (B12, B6 and B3) that fight diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, depression, asthma, stomach problems, iodine that helps us process carbohydrates, strengthen hair, skin and nails, and Omega 3 fatty acids, essential to reduce heart attacks and prevent Alzheimer's or dementia.

At home we always have in the pantry various preserves of all kinds, especially tuna and mackerel in olive oil, since at one point you prepare a seasoning of roasted peppers with mackerel and chives or a montadito or sandwich of mackerel with peppers of piquillo, for example.

mackerel virgin mackerel

As you can see, fish preserves are very versatile in the kitchen, being able to prepare simple recipes fast for day to day, or more elaborated, getting a meal with many nutritional contributions, healthy and balanced.

Being mackerel a blue fish of the most economic, and very balanced in terms of fat and empty calories, it is ideal to include it in a diet of slimming or in your daily diet. Preserved, you can enjoy it whenever you want with the guarantee of taking an excellent product and with all its properties, especially if you opt for the Gourmet Virgen del Carmen preserves, which are also a benchmark in the market.

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