Discover the extra benefits of intimate toys


Erotic toys have been shown to be beneficial to the body in many other ways besides its main and classic purpose.

If you are one of those who keep your favorite vibrator on the bedside table, or have one (or a few) lost out there, science says, it's time to dust them off. If you do not have any, it's no time to be shy, vibrators are now easier to find and more affordable than ever, for example you can buy this Loushse Lush vibrator, a design that has become classic for some years. We share your benefits and those of many others below. Surely they surprise you!

They help in the early detection of diseases

Because self-stimulation requires you to explore your body and feel comfortable with it, it can collaterally help you detect early signs of disease. Numerous studies have shown that the best way for the early detection of some vaginal STIs and even tumors is self-examination. The use of a vibrator promotes contact with the genitals, which allows you to feel comfortable with the internal anatomy, which greatly helps to detect any variation that moves away from the usual physiognomy.

Discover the extra benefits of intimate toys

Improve sexual satisfaction

A woman's sexual desire depends-to a large extent-on the amount of sex she is currently having. Knowing this or not, for 50 years! the couples have resorted to the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator, an intimate massager that was designed in the '60s and that still gives very good results. Its construction, although very bulky, is robust and practically unbreakable.

In times of low sexual activity, stay in shape using your favorite vibrators. Not only do they keep you warm and in shape, but regular vibrator users get a higher score in many surveys on sexual satisfaction, meaning that women who use vibrators more often report better sex life and better orgasms. Some women have even reported that regular use of vibrators has helped them with natural lubrication, a problem that many menopausal and postmenopausal women struggle with.

Reduce blood pressure and heart rate

Discover the extra benefits of intimate toys

The regular use of vibrators gives you another benefit besides convincing your body to want to have sex more often. Increase your sexual desire has some benefits that surely you will appreciate. Regular cardiorespiratory activity is associated with a better general physical condition. Lower heart rate (at rest), better lung function and lower blood pressure are some of the aspects that improve the use of vibrators on a regular basis. Several studies have also shown that isometric exercise is excellent for maintaining muscle strength and initial fitness. So get down to work, it's not like going to the gym, but at least you know that those intimate moments give you better physical health.

Reduce stress

In the Middle Ages, some women had to go see their GP to receive "genital manipulation," to rid their uterus of "excesses of humor." This practice basically involved his doctor doing the heavy lifting, since masturbation was considered deeply taboo.

It goes without saying that the Middle Ages are not known as an example of coexistence and respect, and that this and other treatments were little more than a hoax, but what is certain is that the regular use of vibrators, as well as a healthy sexual desire , are two great ways to keep stress levels at a manageable minimum.

When women have an orgasm, our bodies release oxytocin, a hormone that is widely considered the "happiness hormone" because it produces pleasurable sensations. In many mammals, the release of oxytocin has been correlated with the couple bond, and of course, we all want more than we like. Frequent sex is a great way to maintain lasting, strong and healthy relationships.

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