Discover the Authentic Paris as a Parisian


There are many tourist attractions in Paris, some of them well known to all of you, and others that nevertheless escape the sight of a tourist. Do you want to know corners and curiosities that a Parisian has prepared for you?

The city of Paris offers you the possibility of knowing so many places, that you could spend days and days visiting the city and getting lost in its streets and places: Monuments and museums of great relevance, beautiful parks and gardens surrounded by nature and palaces, food markets or antiques where to live the Parisian essence, etc.

For this reason, before starting your trip, it is important to decide which places you want to see and which gives you time to know during your stay. And do not forget that, taking into account the great distances that exist in the city, it is very important to know the location of each site to visit, so that you lose the least possible time in displacements and optimize your visit to the French capital to the maximum .

So that you don't go crazy looking for information in a thousand travel blogs and forums, the Monparigo website offers you what to see in Paris depending on the days you are going to be. Both for those who travel 1 or 2 days to Paris (for example, a weekend getaway) and for those who visit the city with more time. Monparigo, the travel agency specializing in Paris and Disneyland, proposes you to discover the city by combining walking through different places, doing different activities and entering places of interest.

On this website they will propose for you every day what walking routes you can do in different areas of the city. All these routes have been created by a Parisian and will make you know the main sites in the area, including many corners not so well known and that will surely surprise you. For example, following these routes you will discover the Vivienne gallery, the French president's house or the chocolate Notre Dame cathedral that is hidden inside a bakery. These routes have been created in Google Maps, so you can easily see them from your mobile. In addition, it is important to remember that in France you can use your mobile (both calls and internet) as if you were in Spain, without paying any additional cost. Thanks to these routes, you won't have to worry about thinking about how to organize the day, in what order to visit each site or how I can get to the different places.

Walking the streets of Paris is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get to know the city and its charms, as well as the local culture. But if you do not have much time, or simply prefer the option of not having to walk so much, a good alternative is to take a tourist walk through the city. What do we mean by this? On the website of Monparigo you will find different options for tourist walks: From the possibility of discovering the city in a group mounted on a bicycle or on a private tour in a classic car (2 CV), to do it aboard a boat on the Seine or a tourist bus. Whether by car, bus, boat or bicycle, you will need very little time to be amazed by the spectacular architecture of the buildings of the French capital. Keep your camera handy because you won't stop taking amazing photos!

Do not forget that Paris is one of the most populated and visited cities in the world, fortunately we do not have it so far if you travel from Spain. Here you will always have some interesting plan that you want to make. From renting a bicycle at your own pace and taking a nice tour of the Seine or through the city streets, see a unique cabaret in the world like Moulin Rouge or enjoy a romantic dinner on a boat on the Seine with music in direct. Plans for all tastes and budgets, different and surprising. On the Monparigo website you will find up to 150 activities to choose the ones you like best. Surely among so many options there are more than one that you love!

Finally, if you have a date to travel to Paris, we want to give you good advice. Monparigo also has a blog with current news, and a specific section where you will find information about all the events in Paris. For each month of the year you can discover what plans await you in the city. If you travel in summer, you will be surprised to find a ferris wheel next to the Louvre or … a beach with sand, sun loungers, umbrellas and beach bar! And in winter you can ice skate on top of a skyscraper. But these are just some of the interesting things you have to discover on this website. Check out!

You already have all the information you need before going to Paris. You are ready to travel. Now the most important thing comes: Book your trip, pack your bag and enjoy our beloved Paris!

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