Decorative uses of the planters in a garden or terrace


It's here, it's already here, spring 2019 is already part of our lives and like every spring is the perfect time of year to go out to the garden (or home terrace) and start gardening tasks to leave everything ready to enjoy a summer to the outdoors. Maybe you're already at work with the task or maybe I'll still catch you without starting, no matter what, today I'm going to talk about planters and the use we can give to decorate a garden or a terrace and completely transform its appearance into a plas plis.

Creating different spaces

In the larger gardens or terraces, one of the keys to achieving a pleasant and harmonious space is create different recreational spaces. Perhaps one that has tables and chairs to eat, another oriented to relax sitting on a bench, another intended for a garden (of plants) itself, an urban garden or, for the most privileged, a space for the pool … to differentiate them You can create physical barriers that separate them, these barriers can be done with flower beds and plants with a lot of foliage and an average height.

My personal recommendation is to plant aromatic plants (rosemary, lavender, thyme …) they are very resistant and besides creating natural barriers they will give your garden a wonderful smell.

Mark roads

A variant of the above is the use of planters and planters to create paths through the garden. From the door of the house to the exit, from one space to another, from home to the pool … you can use planters of different types and heights for some things and others, the most important thing is always Do not create a space too saturated.

Idea: there are already lit planters in the market from the inside that, during the day have a decorative function and at night, they also illuminate and mark specific points in the garden.


Urban gardens

Although it may not seem so, yes, you can create urban gardens in planters and plant almost all kinds of vegetables. I myself have a small urban garden mounted on my mini terrace (which is nothing more than a small balcony where the gardener fits and nothing else). Depending on the space you have you can put more or less planters and combine them at different heights, in my case, specifically I have two pine wood planters (like the one in the photo below) that have a lot of capacity, enough height for the roots grow up and, to deceive us, they are cute.


Pine wood planter by Deco and Lemon

Charming balconies

No matter how small your terrace is or if you call it a balcony more than a terrace, hanging some planters on the fence always gives it a special charm, whether you see it from inside the house or from outside. Of course, you have to plant and take care of beautiful plants, with flowers for example, because if you let them dry they will look very bad. What's nice to go walking through a town and see the balconies full of flowers? Well, that's what I mean.


Remember that in the blog you have a section on decoration with many more ideas for your home. A hug to everyone, be happy, see you in the networks.

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