Decorate envelopes with children. 9 ideas!


Hello everyone! I recently received a birthday invitation by mail and my surprise was so great that I decided to make this article. It turns out that it is the birthday of a friend's daughter, talking to her she told me that she came up with the idea that her own daughter would decorate her birthday invitations.

And it seemed like an excellent idea! It is summer, a long time ahead, it is ideal to do manuality, it also promotes the use of a medium other than technology! and it gives a very special touch, because each envelope is for a loved one and you feel it, isn't it? ­čÖé

Then we go to the mess! I have looked for options and others I have made myself. Let's decorate envelopes with our kids!

Different themes!

1. Custom Animal Envelopes

Although it looks like a job, they are very easy and your little one already knows how to use scissors, this can be a task to reinforce learning.

First choose according to the animal you want to make, the color of the paper.Draw in pencil over the face of the animal.Then, cut the eyes, snout with black cardboard and paste it. And then, trim the other parts of the animal, be it beak, spots, nose or legs.






In these photos you can see perfectly examples that will help you a lot when making them! Eye! If you don't get the manuals very well or you just don't have enough time to do it, there are always places to sell colored envelopes where you can save a lot of time!

2. Envelopes with adhesive tapes

Very easy to do! and gives rise to creativity. Although it seems not, these adhesive tapes can give a lot of play. It can be very easy and safe for kids to be impressed compa├▒eros

They can be with more loaded ideas or less, with colored or white envelopes.

These tapes really give a lot of play!

3. Envelopes with food stamps

A fairly recurring activity in early childhood education is the subject of painting with different objects other than the brush, so we use vegetables such as potatoes, celery or fruits such as oranges and lemons, play a lot and love it!

I think that an envelope decorated with bright colors and by printing a fruit on the envelope is very original. And it can be done since the year and a half old!

After decorating the paper you can simply make the envelope.

4. Envelopes with recycled paper

The following image is a simple example of the thousand ways we can decorate an envelope by recycling magazine paper or newsprint.

5. Ninja Turtle Envelope

If you have a son or daughter who loves ninja turtles, you know what the theme of his birthday can be and the party invitations should be the same! As you will see, it has no complication: green envelopes, bands of different colors and white eyes.

6. Envelopes with tissue paper

If, on the other hand, you want to work harder, you can configure beautiful frames with tissue paper, crepe paper or cellophane paper.4

7. Envelopes with paint

Painting has never been so easy, today the more animalist a drawing, the more chick!

8. Envelopes with stamps

With the rolls of toilet paper you can create many shapes, roses, stars, hearts, … and they look great!

With a simple rope you can get to make decorations, which serve many themes, from parties, events, personal invitations, baptisms, communions, ..

9. Cardboard envelopes

With cardboard cut into strips you can go forming these small pieces, which paste them to achieve very cool shapes! It can be something more armed like the photo or something simpler, lines and loops.

I hope you liked these ideas to customize envelopes with the kids in the house if you have any questions you can tell us below!

See you soon!

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