Dark sects and human depravity


As I have stated in various texts that have appeared in national and international media, satanic sects and various groups that openly declare themselves with these denominations, through their dark methods they impose themselves socially and manage to attract many unsuspecting, being that through their fallacious stratagems originate the manipulation and social control of citizenship.

Source: Revuo

Immediately and urgently, we must raise the challenges of today's world to ethics, the issue of satanic sects from the perspective of the manipulation of the religious factor. The Latin adage "corruption of the best is the worst" is appropriate to refer to sectarian society, which consists of a pathology of the religious phenomenon along with other pathologies such as syncretism and fundamentalism. Even on extreme occasions they can reach a broader degree of destructiveness: think of the sadly famous cases of alleged collective suicide or attacks.

Psychological approaches to the phenomenon of sects, and those that are usually encompassed by the term antisects, affect psychological manipulation techniques as the key to the functioning of these groups. Thus, a sect would be a personality manipulative group, which would employ the techniques of mental and bodily control or coercive persuasion.

To cite one example, internationally it is known that the National Security Agency (NSA) general Michael Aquino, a specialist in psychological warfare, believed that populations could be totally dominated by means of a state of psychological terror and causing imminent suffering. destruction.

Man lives in search of meaning, and today, through the search for hope before the great cathedral due to the indoctrination of the exorcists, he needs to come together in the face of the latent presence of the evil of programs that have already been propagated by research. Scientific

Given this, the possibility of assuming a new "spirituality" is presented. Or, being a simpler phenomenon, letting a movement, of a very strong nature, offer a warm affective environment and a firm doctrinal system in which the person can be free because he is being manipulated by religious magical conceptions.

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