Dallas Mavericks 2019-20 squad: players, analysis and training


Last year's Mavericks games were the most watched for a team that would end up with one of the worst balances in the league. The farewell of Dirk Nowitzki and the Luka Doncic phenomenon caused the Mavs to be a favorite in the league. Outside of that nothing good has happened for the Mavs since the 2011 championship. The new season brings many unknowns in the Dallas Mavericks 2019-20 squad around the team's two stars: second-year player Luka Doncic and former Knick Kristaps Porzingis.

Your chemistry, offensive balance, defensive load and other factors will be defined as the season progresses. The physical state of the Latvian Porzingis It will also delimit its load of minutes and requirements of the technical staff. But given so much uncertainty, the Mavs have something certain: one of the best coaches in the league. Rick Carlisle will turn his tenth year on the Dallas bench this season. The Mavericks as a franchise have had problems, but the team led by Carlisle and Nowitzki has always given their best face.

Dallas Mavericks 2019-20 template analysis

Versatility will be a word that you will find a lot in this analysis. The versatility of Doncic and Porzingis offers many opportunities when defining the alignments and positions of the rest of the workforce. The Mavs they have two of the most difficult players to fit into a traditional mold, which is a good problem for Rick Carlisle, but not as healthy for this analysis.


Despite Doncic's fame, Rick Carlisle always had a point guard next to him. At least at the start of matches and second half. Last season this place was primarily occupied by Dennis Smith Jr and rookie Jalen Brunson. Smith – who failed to convince as a Doncic escort – was sent to the Knicks in the exchange for Porzingis. Brunson returns after a decent season (9.3 points, 3.2 assists, 1.2 turnovers) and most importantly, it was a stable and regular option that did just what Carlisle requested. It is the bizarre Rondo.

For the 2019-20 season they have brought Seth Curry, an exceptional shooter (45% of triples), who already played for the Mavs three years ago. Curry will nominally have the base position, but much of his time will pass «offball«, As Doncic assumes more responsibilities as a shipowner.

Seth Curry, a shooter for the Dallas Mavericks 2019-20 squad.

Seth Curry during a game with Portland. Image modified from the original, courtesy of Frenchieinportland.

They also signed up for the Dallas Mavericks 2019-20 squad as a free agent to Delon Wright, who arrived at the Grizzlies after the exchange of Marc Gasol to Toronto. During his stay in Memphis, Wright saw 30 minutes of daily action averaging 12.2 points, 5.4 rebounds and 5.3 assists. He has never been an efficient shooting player (except for the triple percentage from the corner – his home during his Toronto years – 39%) and that did not change with more offensive opportunities in Memphis.

Juan Jose Barea recovers from a rupture of his Achilles heel and is not expected to be ready for the start of the season. The Mavs have not given a date for their return to the courts. At 35, it is difficult to consider that the franchise expects a lot from Barea, at least not this year.


According basketball-reference, Luka Doncic played 71% of his time as an escort. Like many versatile players, it is difficult to type the Slovenian in one position. Doncic can easily play three positions. Four if the opponent does not go out with a physical power forward. Regardless of the position in which we place it, Doncic had a spectacular rookie season (21.2 points, 6.0 assists, 7.8 rebounds).

Since the first day showed no qualms about taking the important shots to which many more established players flee. Doncic's versatility creates many possibilities within the alignments that Carlisle can shuffle. It allows you to rotate dynamically in three positions, to open minutes for the rest of the escorts of the Dallas Mavericks 2019-20 squad.

Tim Hardaway Jr can be an important part of rotation Upon arriving in Dallas in the Porzingis trade, he started 17 of 19 games averaging 15.5 points per game. Hardaway can be seen as a very limited version of Jamal Crawford. He is basically a gunslinger with a tunnel vision that ignores opponents, partners, bullfighters, etc. on his way to the basket. East "operandi modes»Makes it more suitable for a sixth-man role. The rotation of escorts is closed by Courtney Lee and Josh Reaves (contract two-way).


Yes, Doncic will play minutes in the forward position, but someone else must cover the position while the wonder boy does everything else. Dorian Finney-Smith opens the new season with an expiration date on his "player with potential" label. The 26-year-old enters his fourth season and, despite playing around 25 minutes per game in the previous season, the reality has not reached that potential exhibited at times. Even so, the product of the University of Florida has a great engine, it is a modern defense – it has the physical capabilities to defend four positions – and it does not complain about the lack of opportunities in the offensive. Those qualities will open minutes in any squad, but especially in a team of Rick Carlisle.

Finney-Smith played a lot of his time in the forward-pivot position, since Wesley Mathews was the starter in the forward position. Mathews' departure may open opportunities for Finney-Smith and to newcomer Justin Jackson, who comes from the Kings with the hope that the change of scenery will save his career. It would be no surprise if Donnie Nelson – GM of the Mavs – looked for reinforcement eaves before the start to complete the 2019-2020 Dallas Mavericks squad.

Pivot wing

Dirk is gone. Kristaps has arrived. The "unicorn" arrives in Dallas thanks to an exchange in the middle of the previous season. He has not played a minute with the Mavs due to his recovery from ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), but Cuban already signed him an extension of 5 years and $ 158 million.

Behind Porzingis, we have Dwight Powell. The Canadian started 22 times – all after the exchange for Porzingis – averaging 14.7 points and 7.6 rebounds. Powell is an athletic player, who knows how to move without the ball and is able to defend smaller players. It is a case similar to the aforementioned Finney-Smith. They are high energy players, who fulfill their limited role perfectly, but perhaps they are not destined to play 30 minutes per game. Luckily for the Mavs, they don't need that from Powell.

Maxi Kleber is the third pivot wing of the rotation. Despite its 2.11 meters high, the German behaves like a perimeter player. 56% of its offense comes from triple and has enough agility to stay close to the bases in defense. Last season he showed good instincts defending the low post (1.2 caps and second in the team in percentage of tapas).


As of the date of publication of this analysis, it is felt that the payroll of the Mavs is incomplete. Boban Marjanovic is the only pure pivot in the Dallas Mavericks 2019-20 squad. Boban (better known as Bobi de Bobi and Tobi) is a helpful player 15 minutes a night, hopefully. Porzingis, Kleber and Powell will have to play minutes as a pivot and some of them must be in the initial draw. It's hard to imagine the Mavs getting a better player than Kleber or Powell to inject into the starting lineup.

This is the Dallas Mavericks 2019-20 squad

Luka Doncic Daryl Macon Justin jackson Kristaps Porzingis Dwight Powell
José Juan Barea Devin harris Dorian Finney-Smith Dirk Nowitzki Salah Mejri
Trey Burke Ryan Broekhoff Maxi Kleber
Devin harris Tim Hardaway Jr. Kostas Antetokounmpo
Courtney lee

Formation of the Dallas Mavericks 2019-20

Delon Wright

His short stay in Memphis provided a sample of what he can do with more minutes and confidence. Their percentages of fields remained stable. What does surprise is its attendance percentage (26%), by far the best brand in its career. Wright is a better defense than any of the bases he played for Dallas Last season. His percentage of rebounds (11.6, 13 in the league between bases) and steals (27.5, 10 in the league between bases) will be of great help to a team that was located in the second half of the table in defense.

Tim Hardaway Jr.

If there is someone who benefits from playing alongside a passer like Doncic and a defender like Wright is Hardaway. The Michigan product will have many open shots courtesy of Doncic and on some nights you won't have to demand defense. That said, it is not surprising that his minutes – despite his status as a starter – are less than those seen by Brunson. Wright can play as an escort and Brunson as a base, leaving Hardaway to take reserve minutes in position two and three. Today, Hardaway is a better player than Brunson, but the chemistry and rotation of minutes between Doncic and Porzingis will dictate the movement of the other pieces.

Luka Doncic

Luka is the center of the Dallas offensive, there's not much left to say about him. The challenge this season will be to see him sharing the offense with another top player. as is Porzingis. The chemistry between these players, so unique in their respective positions, will make the Mavs one of the most interesting teams of the following season.

Doncic need to improve in defense. The Mavs improved 3.4 points for possession with Doncic on the bench, this despite its rebounding capacity boosting the defensive indicators we read publicly. For many American analysts, the former Real Madrid needs to improve their physical condition to deal with the busy NBA agenda and the copious amount of bases and top eaves against which each day must be faced.

Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis will be key in the Dallas Mavericks 2019-20 squad.

Kristaps Porzingis during an All-Star match. Image modified from the original, courtesy of PJ Mixer.

The last time we saw a full Porzingis game was more than 20 months ago. It is impossible to know the state of the giant of 2.21 cms after such a strong injury. During your stay in the Knicks, the Latvian played almost 80% of his time as a power forward. If his agility or speed has been compromised, it would make sense – defensively – to raise a position and let Powell or Kleber serve more perimeter players, as are many of the modern power forward. In any case, Porzingis is a problem for the competition.

Dwight Powell

Without wanting to be repetitive, the pivot position in the Dallas Mavericks 2019-20 squad will be defined by Porzingis's health and the chemistry between him and Luka. Powell seemed to win the job after the departure of DeAndre Jordan.

Dallas Mavericks 2019-20 goals

Doncic's progress and Porzigis' health will be the determining factors of the 2019-20 season for the Dallas Mavericks. The squad has enough talent to improve their performance from the previous season, where they only won 33 games. That should be the 2019-20 season approach. Think about playoffs It is a goal far from reality. Realistically, there are at least 10 better teams in the Western conference than the Mavs. Despite what Cuban will say publicly, the Mavs have more important internal priorities than reaching the playoffs.

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