Custom wicker basket with Chalk Paint


Bruguer has proposed a new challenge, this time it consisted of customize a wicker basket with your Chalk Paint to participate in your #ChalkyMasters contest and, as I love DIY challenges, challenge accepted. A few days ago I received a complete pack with all the necessary materials to participate although, the truth is, which is a type of paint that I usually use (I had already tried it a long time ago and I like the result and all the uses that can be given to it) and I already had several half boats at home, which are the ones I have used.


To customize the basket, therefore, I chose an old white Chalky Finish paint bucket, a brush and a star-shaped stencil template. I decided that the basket will be part of the decoration of the little boy's room and, as I am decorating it with a spatial theme, a touch of star was phenomenal.

To make the stencil, I fixed the template with a bit of masking tape on the basket, reinforced it with a cushion on the inside so that it had a bit of resistance and began to paint. To fill in a stencil template, remember that it should be done by tapping with the brush or brush with little paint (very important), it should never be dragged.

You can take a look at the stencil section where you will find more information and tricks to perform this technique.


I repeated this process throughout the perimeter of the basket leaving a separation between the stars of approximately 10 centimeters. One of the great advantages of this painting is that it dries very fast, so while you are painting the second star, the first one is already dry. As a trick, if there is any area that has been left unpainted or a poorly defined edge, you can always review it with a brush to improve these details, or even scrape it a little before it dries completely (although the imperfection is also beautiful-) .


Finally, I painted a small white strip at the top of the basket to unify the design and make it more balanced. On this occasion I preferred to use a fine brush and paint it by hand.


With these two details the basket has gained its own personality, perfect for a child's room. In addition, it can be used in two different ways, or open, with more capacity, or closed. What do you think?




As always, I don't know if I will win the challenge or not but I always have a great time doing them, if you want to follow the contest you can visit the hashtag #chalkymasters. I hope you liked the idea and inspired you to create your own designs. A hug for everyone, be happy, see you on the networks.

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