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How are the best custom bottles we can find in the market? If you are one of the people who like to store more than just several wines and besides this have all the accessories at hand, in you find all those that are for you.

A bottle rack inside a cloakroom?

This is a good option if you want to face the challenge of designing your own bottle rack. Wardrobes with bottle racks for the kitchen andThey are designed so that you can count on your wines easily and comfortably while preparing your dishes. A closet or closet with a bottle rack has the perceptible labels to avoid confusion.

White is a homonym of purity and cleanliness, and for that reason many people like it. It is one of the colors often chosen to decorate the home as well as to acquire ornaments and accessories. That's why there are many white wine racks With unique designs. Not only small bottles can have original designs, also those of important size, such as furniture, become very artistic creations.

The best furniture with rustic custom bottle racks on the market

This furniture with custom bottle racks Included are ideal to combine with the decoration of country houses and large farms. They do not usually miss a glass of a good wine. They are usually made in woods such as pine or spruce. With the natural finishes and aging processes, the customary rustic furniture is given to the bottle rack.

Create a unique space in your home or in your room, an area dedicated to wine bar where you can put your wine on wooden shelves. A good wine deserves to be revalued and served in a very elegant way. Its conservation and predisposition is fundamental. You can select from an extensive selection, from individual systems to modular bottle rack systems.

To acquire the best custom wooden bottles, you can do it directly online. Different modules can be purchased in different types and sizes of wooden bottles. CWhen we are wine lovers or simply have good wine bottles at home, we know that their conservation is essential. You can find these cupboards and furniture bottle racks also online.

The most frequent and surely easy to make are custom wooden bottles. With certain pieces of wood, nails, imagination and inventiveness you will be able to have an incredible and absolutely adapted object. Decorating the kitchen with orange colors is a challenge that we propose with recycled bottles. TWorking with recycled material such as PVC, copper or even cardboard cylinders is quite easy and you will be able to do it yourself and have a beautiful and solid home bottle rack. The essential thing is to know what materials to use so as not to fall into something of poor quality and that ends up being simply ugly.

This is the most original version as it involves recycling some object that was not originally intended to carry bottles. Wine is a living and weak entity that requires convenient storage. The floors of the big cities barely have a cupboard in which to store the wine, which makes the dream of having our cellar difficult. However, to preserve it conveniently, it is not necessary to have a brick cave underground.

What wines can be stored at home?

There are wines made to consume during the year and others that are made to continue evolving in the bottle. The purpose, for each other, is to open them at their best. Most of the economic wines, the sparkling ones, the white ones without wood, the rosé ones and the light red wines and little tannic, are to estimate in their youthful splendor and they are not going to gain anything when aging. As in everything, there are caveats, and if you keep any of them for two years, you will get a pleasant surprise.

Conditions of conservation

According to the conditions in which you hold the cellar, the wine will evolve with greater or lesser speed. To maintain good conservation, your winery must respect multiple criteria. One factor to consider is humidity. Try to keep them in the dark, calm and distanced from the bad smells that can infiltrate through the plug.

The wine compilation

The ideal is to achieve a compilation of wines that can adapt to each situation. If your goal is to store between ten and thirty bottles, choose white and red. Opt for fruity and pleasant wines, and have a sparkling wine on hand when you want to celebrate something unique. Give consistency to the cellar with a dry or sweet detachment to amaze. ANDScoge two rosés for spring and lastly it keeps two quality reds, of a qualified designation of origin.

If you intend to store more than thirty bottles, it is time to diversify your compilation and begin to be interested in the vintages. Set aside the wines to drink immediately from the ones you will keep. For the latter, choose wines from different areas, even from different countries, with profiles aromatic and varied tastes.

Leave room for some eccentric wine.

Calculate the budget.


To boast about the winery, you don't need to buy expensive wines. Prohibitive wines in general require long-term conservation and unique conservation conditions. For a wine cellar of between ten and thirty bottles, your wine budget should not exceed € 20. And this amount will touch it sometimes, since you are going to locate great references between eight and twelve €.

How to take advantage of the space

The essential thing is that the wine is lying down and in darkness, distanced from any source of heat. To store the bottles you will find shelves made of plastic, wood or metal. The option of putting a fixed bottle rack attached to the wall is more resistant and offers us more protection for the bottles.

The cellar book

Whether you have an electronic cellar or a brick cellar in the basement, it is never enough to keep a record of the wines that come and go. Write down where you bought each wine, the cost, the moment you opened the bottle and what your impressions have been. If you have space and many bottles, arm yourself with a marker and grid and the bottle racks to quickly find the wine you are looking for.

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