Curiosities about casinos that you probably didn't know


Globally, the favorite hobbies of online casino players are mainly slot machines, poker and blackjack. Some of these options can be obtained in the various Casino777 games that have the best known worldwide.

It should be noted that casinos are part of the oldest hobbies that are still valid in modern times. Since its creation more than a hundred years ago, these casinos have grown and evolved over time. As a result of this, different myths have been woven around the culture of casinos, things that may seem silly but surely you did not know, that is why here we bring you a series of curiosities about the casinos that you surely did not know.

Reason for the popularity of the cards

The deck of cards brings 52 cards, this is the standard adopted for decades in most of the card games available in casinos. Primarily it is because this number of cards allows as many hands as possible.

This number of 52 cards that make up a standard deck of decks, represent the perfect method for the game to be really random and thus avoid the trap by the players.

It may seem somewhat odd, but it is a reason that players are not commented on any type of card games in casinos and it is actually part of the general culture of the players.

Slots that don't give coins but fruit flavored chewing gum

Did you ever wonder why the fruits in slot machines? Because before they were related to fruits and not coins. Nowadays they don't work that way, however, in the beginning these machines dispensed chewing gum with delicious fruit flavor. It is for this reason that they were previously known as fruit machines.

As a way to evoke its beginnings, slot machines generally continue to use fruits to identify them, hence cherries make more sense.

Betting in Monaco is illegal for citizens

Thinking of betting on Monaco? Be prepared to face charges, because bets in Monaco are illegal for your citizens.

Monaco prides itself on having luxurious, elegant and famous casinos around the world, anyone would believe that life in Monaco for an average citizen includes going to the casino regularly, but the truth is that citizens are forbidden because it is for They, an illegal activity. Something unusual.

The state of Nevada has no lotteries

In Las Fabulous Vegas and the rest of the state of Nevada there are no lotteries, it is not because it is considered illegal, but because the idea is that the inhabitants do not divert their interest to the state lottery and instead, keep making their regular bets in casinos stationed in the city.

A good strategy to guarantee players in their rooms, although it seems that this strategy is others.

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