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crowns funeral home: the origin


The origin of this custom is so old that we must go back to the Neanderthals. In archaeological sites, vestiges of flowers They tell us that they were already used in ritual liturgies in burials. In addition to this, this discovery has been the same in different sites and throughout the planet, which makes us believe that the use of flowers as accessories in acts of farewell to loved ones was already a habit. And from there, to use them even asking them before on the Internet on websites like flowers m30 funeral.

Sending flower wreaths when someone dies is a sign of respect and affection for both the deceased and his family. Lflowers are perceived as having to do with a symbolism of life, new life and resurrection. Dand that is why, since antiquity, the dead have been accompanied with flowers. Many examples have been found in Neolithic tombs, which confirm it.

With Christianity, the offerings of flowers to the deceased took a circular form. Christians believe that Christ is the center of everything, which has no beginning or end. That is why the circular way of these offerings was already preceded by a feeling of union with Christ and the hope of Christians in a future life with Him. To choose which flowers will form the crown, the meaning assigned to each flower is considered. The Rred bears are a symbol of pure love and fidelity, carnations are symbol of love, respect and, of admiration, and theZucenas are flowers uniquely related to the heart, express the utmost respect.

crowns funeral


The origin of wreaths as traditions in a death is based on the fact that In the past, there were no ways of conditioning and maintaining the corpse. For this reason there were always flowers in the burials, to disguise the smell of the bodies of the deceased.

In the Christian tradition floral arrangements always have a circular shape. Of crown. This is symbolic, because a circle has neither beginning nor end. It is related to tradition: you are born, you live, you die and you are resurrected. LThe most used flowers in the crowns are roses, carnations and lilies, accompanied by green leaves, representing eternal repose.

At the moment death comes to a loved one we must put into practice a kind of farewell protocol to organize the funeral. If we travel to middle age and we go into Ireland we find that personal hygiene left Much to be desired. The mixture of alcohol and the tin glasses produced such a potent poison produced continuous attacks of catalepsy and gave the impression that the person was deceased. Nor they spent hours, not a day, but many days in reaction, and as they knew, the funeral did not take place until many days after. It was necessary many flowers, even though the living ones did not smell very well nor should they have a very fine smell. But still there are limits humanly bearable.

Flowers are used practically in all the essential moments of life. In births, at weddings … Salso part of the mortuary context. In a Visitation can have multiple connotations. They are sent to give condolences to the family of the deceased, and also to show respect and support to the weak. And it serves as a sign of the appreciation we have had for those who have left us.

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