Croisieurope offers a cruise from Phuket to Singapore, ideal for couples


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The company Croisieruope offers an interesting cruise that departs from Phuket and goes to Singapore, passing through different interesting Asian destinations.

Currently river cruises are very fashionable and that is why Croisieurope is offering new routes for its customers. One of the last possibilities is to enjoy a trip between Singapore and Phuket, a highly recommended route for couples to enjoy a pleasant vacation and discover an emblematic area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAsia.

Throughout this journey in the Belle of the Oceans, the cruise passengers will have the possibility of knowing different areas between these two destinations, interesting to relax and discover really spectacular places. In total 9 days of cruise are offered to enjoy both Singapore, Thailand and some areas of Malaysia.

The cruise goes through Phuket, which is one of the most famous islands of Thailand and the largest. It is excellent to enjoy as a couple its wonderful beaches, colorful landscapes and different proposals at the gastronomic level. It is also possible to go through Phang Nga Bay, a wonderful place to discover its nature, a perfect natural park to discover its landscapes.


Recommended is to know Ko Muk, an island through which this cruise will pass and is a place where you can enjoy hiking trails and the practice of watersports how is he snorkel. Couples will be able to meet also Langkawi during the trip, a really interesting archipelago in Malaysia and where we find beaches, options for adventure tours, trekking.

Other places like Penang, Port Klang or Kuala Lumpur They will be able to meet along this cruise and it is really worth it for those couples who want a romantic trip and discover very interesting Asian cities.

Finally the cruise will arrive until Singapore, a modern and emblematic destination where you can enjoy a luxury holiday throughout the year and in which very interesting buildings are erected. Of course it is one of the options to consider for those who seek new experiences.

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