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In Spain high quality food and beverages are produced. And, of a few years to this part, the production of craft beer has grown enormously and in a very positive way. This has caused that we all have a greater knowledge of this type of beer and consume it more. Such is the interest, that there are already online tools like this craft beer finder that we recommend you

Structure of the craft beer seeker

Search Craft Beer

This online tool is divided, at the moment, into three great tools: a section where they are published breweries in Spain and rest of the world specialized in craft beers; another section dedicated to the promotion of their own beers (national and international), and a seeker so you can find more quickly what you are looking for including a search term.

To say that, currently, this search engine is one of the largest databases on this product and breweries that distribute it.

Now let’s see the sections of beer brands recently added to the search engine and stores in Spain.

Craft beer brands

Craft beer brands

If you currently enter the search engine, in the section of craft beers, you will find the information sheet of the Lost Forty beer. You will see a summary of its characteristics, a photo and the possibility of accessing an individual section of this craft beer. That structure is what you will find for all other beers added to this database.

Yes click on the blue title, then the information sheet will expand showing more information about who produces it, composition, alcohol level and beer style. Also, if the brand has other varieties, under the main tab the rest of the beers of that brand or production company will appear. In the case of Lost Forty, there are more than thirty different beers. All an encyclopedic article.

What other beers can you find? There are dozens of them that you can know visiting the search engine. We have chosen, in addition to Lost Forty, three more.

Almanac Universal GhostAlmanac Universal Ghost

Stout – Imperial, of high rank (10.4%) and of Californian origin. In addition to this beer, the company Almanac Universal has fruity versions with a lower level of alcohol.

Almanac is an ideal brand to please all tastes of craft beer.

Core Warthog

Core Warthog BeerOf great quality and flavor, it has a percentage of 4.7%. It is a Helles style beer, bitter and produced in Arkansas, United States. However, it has extended the number of products to suit the style of European beer with Pilsner products or Belgian-type beers.

Core Brewing Company, the production company, has dozens of varieties in the market and can be consulted in this database.

Beer village life HaunterVillage Life Wunter

Our last recommendation in craft beer that you can find in this search engine is this IPA of 6.5%. Of light color and thick appearance it is a soft and pleasant beer to the palate.

It also has different versions from beer almost blond to toast.

Remember that you can know the total of the beers by accessing the link that we leave above.

Now let’s talk about breweries specialized in craft beer.

Craft breweries

Craft breweries Spain

Again, when you click on the “Breweries” menu, access the section where the stores are located. Tell them that there are from all over the world. We focus on two in Spain.

Gross Brewery & Bar, in San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa

Gross Brewery Brewery Bar San Sebastián

It is located in the Guipuzcoan capital and produces its own beer, whose components are “top secret”. The brewery opened in 2013 and also has a beer shop.

Address: Pilotgi, 8. San Sebastián. Guipúzcoa

Malandar Craft Beer, in Cádiz

Brewery Malandar Craft Beer

He was born at the beginning of 2016 in the Andalusian city of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz. It is a brewery and microbrewery and produces its own products. Malandar Craft Beer, of Pale Ale type, is its flagship product.

Address: Calle Director Julián Cercán, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz.

Finally, tell you that when looking for types of beer, you can also click on a link to the factory or brewery that produces them, and so see the total of products for each company.

And nothing more. A new online tool more, in this case for those who love beer.

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