Counterpart, a series from another world


Counterpart (or Counterpart in Spanish) is a series about espionage, diplomacy and politics with a fascinating touch of Science Fiction.

He introduces us to Howard Silk (J.K. Simmons), a bureaucrat who has been working for years on "Exchange," a mysterious UN agency. But despite his best efforts, he does not manage to ascend and still does not know what is the purpose of the Exchange? Or what is the purpose of your work?

During the opening chapter, Howard again asks Director Quayle for a promotion. But this one denies it again with some absurd excuse. However, then the protagonist will be called back to his superior's office to meet a double, who claims to come from another world.

Counterpart Trailer Season One

A world parallel to ours with great similarities, but also huge differences. The two worlds share an identical story until the end of the Cold War, when the two stories begin to distance themselves. What happened then? And how have the two worlds evolved since then? That is part of the charm of this series.

History leaves you with that sensation of espionage film during the Cold War. It is even set in Berlin which only helps to increase that feeling. However, the introduction of this parallel univeso gives it a twist that makes it even more interesting.

Counterpart Protagonists

Counterpart, Great Performances

As expected with a parallel world of these characteristics, many of the protagonists (but not all) have doubles in the other world. This could trigger a lot of confusion, but thanks to the quality of the performances, the audience can quickly identify the differences between the characters.

to highlight the protagonists J. K Simmons, and Olivia Williams, who from very early in the series have to do two roles. But also other actors like Harry Lloyd (Director Quayle), who not only manage to differentiate very well his two versions, but also presents us with great characters on their own.

Olivia Williams

In a world full of series starring teenagers, it's nice to see this series with leading actors who are already over 40. Olivia Williams who made me express more than once, but what a beautiful lady! Amen of the great performances he had, as I said above.

Counterpart Poster

Counterpart, a short and great series

This story confronts us with a fascinating question. What would have happened if things had been different? What kind of country would we have in Venezuela if Chavez had not been released from jail? Who would I be if I had continued in that job? What would happen in my city if the events had been a little different? Etc. And the answers that this series leaves us are great.

Unfortunately Counterpart is a series that went a little under the table, and that in my opinion, has not received the recognition it deserves.

It is just two seasons of 10 episodes each. The possibility of a third season is still open, but I think that the end that he had was great.

Counterpart is available on Amazon:

I hope you enjoy it.

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