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Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Now is the time to start establishing yourself in life as a new father, or getting used to juggling the responsibilities of a larger family. Whatever it is, you will be thinking about how to welcome this new child to the world in the best way and create your invitations for your christening.

For many culturally Christian countries, the next step is to organize a baptism, and if you are not a Christian, you can organize a party as a baptism … but without the rite … and you will wonder … how is it done? Where do I start and how can I remember everything I should do?

The best way is to make an exhaustive list of pending tasks in order of priority to avoid those last-minute chaotic panics and mark as you do them. Whether you are a Christian or not, these are some of the things you should keep in mind.

Choose the godparents

Traditionally, godparents play a key role in helping to raise your child. Today, paper tends to be delivered to friends and / or family. There is still the responsibility that they can take care of your child as they grow and give them help and support throughout their lives. It is tradition to choose two godparents

Decide how you want the baptism to be

If you are a Christian, decide if you want the baptism to be celebrated in your local parish or in another church, such as where you got married or where you were baptized.

If you are not a Christian, or simply do not follow any religion, you can have a party with your loved ones, family … it can also be a special place like the place where you met your partner.

Reserve the place

If you are happy with the church you have chosen and the priest is happy to baptize your baby, confirm and reserve the date.

Or if it is not a party, reserve the place and make sure that the decoration for the party is the most special.

Decide on the place of reception

For some, it is traditional to hold a christening reception. This is an afternoon tea or a sitting meal and, it is a good idea, if your guests travel from a long distance, the choice is up to you and your budget.

Reserve a space and a catering

If you are looking to make the celebration in a place other than your home and / or you are looking to be served, you will have to decide on the place and catering services, and book it. A restaurant is also valid for the celebration.

If it is a more intimate party, you can reserve a space with access to a barbecue and have each do their own thing.

  invitations for your christening

Send the invitations for your baptism

If you manage the service, you basically want to remind everyone to show up at least 10 minutes before the start time. For all preparations I recommend you visit the page Cotton bird, where you will find even the smallest detail to organize the baptism or baptism party.

Choose a photographer

Some parents prefer to go at the expense of hiring a professional photographer, but this is not essential. If you want to have a nice memory of this day, you must choose a photographer and book it too.

Choose a christening cake

Again, this is something that is not essential but adds a nice touch, especially if you are having a christening party. If you choose to order a cake, make sure you have enough time to order, prepare and collect it.

Once you have everything,

Finally you can sit back and enjoy a beautiful christening party and start sending the invitations for your christening !

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