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The social-Christian leader ratified in turn that all the copeyanos in Venezuela will continue working on the route proposed by the president in charge Juan Guaidó


The vice president of communications of Copei Legitimo ODCA, Rogelio Díaz along with the national leadership of the green awning rejected the new ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), by means of which a new board of directors is appointed. "They are new names, but it is the same kidnapping, the same abuse, new faces but with the same intention of putting our card at the service of Nicolás Maduro," he said.

Díaz said that four years later, this new measure comes out from the executing arm of the dictatorship without allowing Copei the right to defense “violating the rights of Christian Democrats throughout the country and violating the right to. defending".

He also said that this judicial process against the social-Christian party, began as the beginning to the final leap of democracy in the country and the claim that the regime has to advance parliamentary elections to violate the little left of democracy in the country. “We are sure that when we recover democracy and institutions in Venezuela we will recover our card. Therefore, the fate of those who today usurp Copei is the same fate as their friend, the dictator Nicolás Maduro, ”he said.

The social-Christian leader ratified in turn that all copeyanos in Venezuela will continue working on the route proposed by the president in charge Juan Guaidó to achieve the final cessation of the usurpation, a transitional government and free elections where citizens have the guarantee that it will be Your will respected.

“They are not going to bend us, in each municipality of Venezuela they will find a Copeyano fighting, without fear, because we are a historical party that has the legitimacy of Venezuelans and knows the role it has to play to recover democracy in Venezuela, as We have always done it, ”he emphasized.

For his part, Pilarica Romero, representative of Copei Legitimo ODCA before the Frente Amplio and member of the National Conflict Platform declared that the directive chaired by Roberto Enriquez, who turns 28 asylum seekers in the residence of the Chilean ambassador in Caracas with an order captured by a Military Court, he has the legitimacy that the militants of Christian democracy gave him in an election on July 10, 2016.

He also referred to the need for Democratic Christian leaders to serve as an example of coherence between what has been represented in the past, "with the political positions in the midst of this situation, especially the crisis of values. Copeyanos were born to fight for democracy and freedom and never to endorse totalitarian and repressive regimes, "he added.

Finally, Romero said that in Copei there are only a few authorities and that these are the ones that Copeyan people recognize in every corner of Venezuela and they are relentlessly for achieving the freedom of our country.

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