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Did you know that this type of infection is more common in children and adolescents ?, Yes, which is caused by the immaturity of the immune system in them, and therefore are more exposed to infections.

If you already have a family and you have small children or teenagers you probably already know this type of infection or maybe even at this moment you are looking for information to see how to deal with that problem.

It is really important to know everything about the infection because it is very contagious and spreads very quickly, so, let's learn more about molluscum contagiosum.

What is Molluscum Contagiosum?

Molluscum contagiosum
Molluscum contagiosum

It is a viral type skin infection, and it shows as if it were papules or nodules, which can be seen clearly. They are usually not painful and may vary in size.

They are quite contagious and in fact the form of contagion is person to person, for example, if someone has molluscs and suddenly one of those papules is injured and is in contact with clean skin is the same person or another that is close, You can get it immediately.

We have commented that it is much more common in children and adolescents, but this does not mean that an adult can not have molluscs, only that, in the case of adults, this infection is considered an STD, that is, sexually transmitted disease.

Molluscum contagiosum Causes

It is much more common and frequent that mollusks appear in people who have a very low immune system, those people who do not eat properly and who do not exercise to feed oxygen to their cells, are the most prone.

It is incredible the easy way in which the molluscs get infected, the causes of infection can be:

  • When you have contact with objects that have been used by someone with molluscs.
  • When there is direct contact with infected skin.
  • When the papules are scratched, then the spread of the infection becomes much easier.

It has even been thought that it is possible that in the pools there may be a contagion, despite the fact that the water is treated and chlorinated. Doctors believe that contagion can be much more direct and safe if they use a contaminated towel.

There are ways to avoid the spread of molluscs, and basically you have to follow some very normal hygiene rules such as:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly, especially after being in contact with objects that we do not know who touched before.
  2. If you are with someone who has that problem, avoid touching them directly, you can use gloves.
  3. In the case of adults, it is important to avoid sexual contact, until you have taken good treatment.
  4. If possible, covering the bumps when you are with more people must be done to avoid infection.

Molluscum Contagious Dermatology Treatment

Something we consider is important for everyone to know, is that once molluscs appear they can last up to a year, that is in the best conditions, but, they may last for much longer.

Medical treatments in these cases are those that also apply to warts and some types of moles, we talk about:

  • Cryosurgery
  • Laser cauterization
  • Electrocautery
  • Application of acid substances

Many times when you see that a single conventional treatment does not work, you have combined some for a better effect.

Of course there are several factors that will determine the type of treatment you need, among them are: the age of the patient, where molluscs are located in the body, the patient's medical history, the situation of their immune system.

Many doctors have even commented that molluscs disappear alone, the problem is that you should wait approximately 12 months and be aware of having a strong immune system to make this happen.

In such a way that, most of the people, it is not easy for them to wait so long to see themselves again in a healthy health condition.

Molluscum Contagiosum Natural Treatment

For the great fortune of the whole community in the world, natural treatments do not disappear completely, it is more, every day they take more strength, because people have finally realized, that it is fair of them that medicine conventional is born.

So, what we are saying is that for contagious molluscs there is a very effective natural treatment and this is what we want to share with all of you today.

What is sought with these natural treatments is to enter the root of the problem, so we recommend that you do them with patience and persistence, you may need a few days or weeks to eliminate the problem, but at least you will not have to spend all year waiting to heal on its own.

Preparation with Essential Oils

For this natural treatment we will occupy:

Malaleuca essential oil, lavender essential oil, sweet almond oil in cold.


In a glass bottle of 120 ml, put 8 drops of malaleuca essence, 4 drops of lavender essence, and the rest is filled with almond oil.


Apply at least 2 drops of this preparation in mollusks one by one, you will feel something hot at the time of application, but it will pass quickly, it should be used for as long as necessary, that is, until the mollusks disappear.


Since it is an infection and garlic is a tremendous antiviral, it is one of the best natural treatments to cure molluscum contagiosum. It contains Allicin, an element that is what makes it have antiviral effects.

For this treatment, it is necessary to crush several cloves of garlic, and to macerate them well until obtaining a kind of paste, when it is ready, it is applied in molluscs, it is recommended that it be done at night for greater effectiveness, since the person is in rest and allows it to be absorbed more effectively.

The Coconut Oil

Very simple treatment, you just have to rub the coconut oil on the parts where the mollusks are and immediately you will notice how the inflammation of the skin is reduced, in case they are causing itching that is very common, the oil will calm it down , and with the passing of days you will be disappearing molluscs forever.

Contagious Mollusc Home Treatment

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