Clean and speed up the PC with Wise Care 365


Clean and speed up the PC with Wise Care 365

Having the optimized operating system of your computer is essential to achieve high performance. For this it is necessary to eliminate everything that is left over and thus we will achieve an increase in speed. Wise Care 365 It is an application capable of achieving it, since it searches your computer for junk files or invalid registry entries, among other options, in order to eliminate or correct them. It also implements potential performance adjustments. After a previous examination, a score is applied to the team in which its level of health is specified and a series of proposals to fix and make corrections are shown.

Some features

It is possible to indicate, whenever a scan is carried out, which aspects should not be modified, thus excluding them from the examination. You can use the option of Fix everything or use the tools provided and make adjustments manually. All this is configured and managed easily. Any user, without computer skills, can do it. The entire scanning process is done at high speed.

What can we get?

It is possible to defragment the Windows' register, secure file deletion, system startup settings, set system optimization settings, defragment the hard drive, set automatic copies of the registry, as well as set automatic scanning and cleaning schedules.

What does Wise Care 365 offer?

Among the various functions that we can find in Wise Care 365, we highlight the following:

  • An application that cleans the system and the Windows Registry, achieving high performance in the operation of the computer.
  • Able to detect hidden problems and solve them.
  • Very simple and easy to use. Just press a button for the program to do its job.
  • High speed in system analysis.

To consider

As they tell us on the application support website, "It is ideal for quick action once some applications try to make modifications without your permission. This protector will take care of identifying and stopping processes that try to secretly change the Windows registry".


Wise Care 365 It is a free application that has just been updated and works on the latest versions of Windows. There is a PRO version with more options and tools. To get it you have to access Wise Care 365. It is a program that, as noted by those responsible for it, has experienced a total of more than fifteen million downloads. Among the languages ​​it supports is Spanish.

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