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Clear Lake phrases. A Spanish actress At just nine years old, he participated in several television series with minor roles until his incorporation to the cast of Companions.

Clara Lago Movie Phrases

Guys, find out once that we do not like you to piropeéis to shouts, for less their macho in herd. And in the process you tell him that we do not like to be persisted, or yes, but with a little ingenuity

Will you let me take you somewhere? … But you have to close your eyes.
All the way?
And without protest

You can help me fix this disaster if you want. Maybe if we try hard it can be good again. It depends on us, on both. Of course, it will not be easy. For you who have homework, but nothing is impossible Hugo. Hears! I can not alone

Be careful with what you are looking for, because you could find it

When you waste your time on the phone, when the minutes go by without you noticing, when the words do not make sense, when you think that if someone listens to you, you would think you are crazy, when neither of you wants to hang up, when after she has hung up you can see that she has really done it, then you are lost … Or rather, you are in love, which, in reality, is a bit the same

And then I turn away and, seeing her amazement, while she smiles. And I am happy. As long ago it was not … Guilty only of the inscription that occupies the entire facade of his house. And now I have no doubts. I have no regrets. I do not have a past I have just a huge desire to start over. And to be happy. With you. I've even written: I want you

The friend is the one who enters when everyone has left

This man is not big, he is glans.
Fucking does not fuck anything, but it has a tail that reaches to his knees

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Where is the secret of the future? It may be that he is looking, moving forward, looking closer. More. So close that the blur becomes clear, it becomes clear. You just have to let things happen. And now it would be clear. Although no longer it depends on me

When you're wrong, when you see everything black, when you have no future, when you have nothing to lose, when every moment is a huge, unsustainable weight. And you chug all the time. And you would want to free yourself as it is. Anyway. From the simplest, the most cowardly, without leaving again this thought for tomorrow: "She is not". It is gone. And then, simply, you would not want to be there. Disappear

It seems to me that in the end it has really stolen

As if only he had really known what your problems were. It's strange … If maybe you have not even had time to understand them

Dear Gin … Tonic. It's time to write to you what I was never able to tell you. Even if it's too late, write what happened in a letter that I'm not going to send you. That you will never receive, that as you taught me, as soon as I finish writing it I will burn it, my feelings will burn, and so the pain … How was it? How did you say? … Oh, well, the pain does not stay that deep inside you. This time I just want to be clear. He would be a jerk if he did not scream that I was wrong, with you. Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no. And now it would be clear, but now it does not depend on me, but on you. I love you

More Clara Lago Movie Phrases

Guys, find out once that we do not like you to piropeéis to shouts, for less their macho in herd. And in the process you tell him that we do not like to be persisted, or yes, but with a little ingenuity

When someone disappears from your life, you may never see that person again, or if you could tell them all the things that you have left, what you would like to say, take a pen and paper and write a letter. Which can be eternal or can be a word. You write it to that person who left, but no, you do not send it, you bend it and you approach it to a flame and burn it. It is blown away by the wind and so the pain does not stay that deep inside

And if you go back to my mind it is enough to think that you are not, that I am suffering uselessly because I know, I know, I know that you will return

I'm out. Of memories, of the past. In that silence that hurts

You think you're a blue prince, right Step?
It depends on who this time is Cinderella

There is nothing worse than who expects something and finds nothing

Excuse me, are you the one who declared his love by painting 3 meters above the sky on a bridge, right?

If you hold me, you'll enjoy it more

A little beast but very nice your mythical friends.
The epics, here the only mythical one is me

So what aspirations do you have in life?
Well, a husband and many children. You can do as a child if you want

You only notice the wonder of a love when you've already lost it

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