Choosing a good electric wheelchair is important


Electric wheelchairs are equipment that contribute to the independence of people with low mobility. It is a chair that does not require an assistant to push it, but has an electric motor that moves it. The user of the chair can control it by means of a joystick located in the armrest.

People who have mobility problems chronically, should join a life as active as possible, in which the labor, recreational, academic, etc. aspects are included.

With an electric wheelchair this is possible, because it is a team designed for mobility both indoors and outdoors, with all the details to achieve it successfully.

Where to buy it?

It is advisable to buy the electric wheelchair in a specialized online store, such as since there are many models that can be compared to choose the one that best suits each need. In addition you save a lot of money since their prices are very convenient.

Buy online at Independent It is very safe, since the store has the Ortoprono technical service, which has more than 22 physical centers throughout Spain that solve any inconvenience that may arise with the chair.

Ortoprono is a technical service that has one of the highest ratings in the country, due to its excellent attention and high efficiency. This guarantees that you can buy with confidence a product as important as this through the internet.

Characteristics of a good electric chair

In addition, this store offers 2 year warranty for all equipment, free shipping and a very secure payment system that includes different forms, including cash on delivery. In this way, people can pay as they see fit.

Independent It offers the possibility of assembling in a professional manner. If this option is chosen, the equipment will arrive disassembled and an expert will assemble it inside the home so that the equipment is ready for use.

Online purchases are very comfortable and easy to make: all you need is a computer or other device with an internet connection. The most important thing is to choose the right electric chair. Then, through the page the purchase is made and paid securely. The equipment is received at home in a few days.

Characteristics of a good electric chair

There are many models of electric wheelchairs, with different features to meet the needs of users. In the store link you get the best. Let's see:

  • Model R120. It is a wheelchair designed for indoor use. That does not mean that it can not be used outdoors, but due to its small size it is very comfortable to maneuver inside the house or office. It is removable allowing it to be transported in a car trunk.
  • BOX Teyder. This electric wheelchair stands out for its extra comfortable, very robust and ergonomic seat. In addition the armrests are adjustable to adapt them to the user's height. The footrest is a platform and all its design is very focused on comfort.
  • Model R320. It is a chair with more robust wheels and a high-caliber damping system, it has very good power and excellent performance, which makes it ideal for long journeys. In addition, it has a turning radius that allows large maneuvers which makes it very useful also in interior spaces.
  • Karma Mobility. It is a wheelchair with a more traditional seat, which allows it to be folded which makes it portable. It is a great option for people who are going to use it mostly inside the house, although it also works for short trips.
  • M41-INVACARE. It is a very robust electric wheelchair but small measures, which makes it more maneuverable and adaptable. It has a lot of stability which makes it ideal for outdoor and indoor access to any corner due to its turning capacity.
  • Lithium Spa 250W Teyder. It is a folding wheelchair in just 5 minutes, it is also ultralight, due to the materials with which it is manufactured. It is ideal for people who despite their reduced mobility are very active and perform many activities, since it is very powerful. It has small dimensions so it is very comfortable to use indoors.

Advantages of an electric wheelchair

  • They allow the patient to function alone, without help. This makes it easier for the person to have a job, study at the university, socialize independently and in general, have an active and normal life.
  • Eliminate the effort to move. With a traditional wheelchair the person or caregiver has to move the chair with their arms. With electric wheelchairs, the electric motor allows a smooth and effortless movement.
  • They are ergonomic, all the elements are adaptable to the size of the user. The cushions are firm and padded to provide support for the back and neck. This relieves the muscular pressure of sitting so long. They also have space to place anti-bedsores systems.
  • You can travel medium distances at good speed. A person in an electric wheelchair can take tours similarly to someone who is walking. This is very important in the workplace, for a better social development.
  • The radius of the chair is on average about 75 cm, and rotates on its axis, which facilitates the circulation through a standard dwelling or an office, without the need to make major changes to adapt the space to the use of the chair.
  • The electric wheelchair can be used in conjunction with the car, as it is easily disassembled to store in the trunk. This allows use on trips and long journeys. It can also be used in cars adapted to enter with the chair, which is more convenient for continued use.
  • The electric motors that use these chairs are easily rechargeable in any electrical outlet. The autonomy allows the transfer to work or to the center of studies and there it can be recharged quickly.

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