Choose the best enclosure for your terrace


A good enclosure can suppose an important saving of energy and money.

Taking into account the price of electricity, closing a terrace isolating our house from the outside is a fantastic idea.

If you choose a good quality enclosure, you will not only be able to use a space all year round that you could surely take advantage of during the summer, but also to isolate that space you will save on the receipt of electricity and gas.

But What is the best enclosure for your terrace or porch?

Folding enclosures

If you have a terrace and want to make the most of space, the best option is to choose a glass enclosure SeeGlass.

This system consists of a series of glass curtains without profiles.

With a folding enclosure of this type you can have the extra space of your terrace without renouncing the design and also will protect you from noise and inclement weather.

The quality of a SeeGlass glass curtain is the key, is tempered glass of the highest quality that has much more resistance than normal glass, up to 5 times more.

Thanks to its system you can adapt it to any shape and structure and almost the best part of it is how simple and fast it is to install it, as only adding superior and inferior profiles to the structure of your terrace.

And once installed the cleaning and maintenance is very simple, without the complications and difficulties involved in a traditional enclosure.

Advantages of closing your terrace

Still not convinced if it is or not a good idea to close your terrace?

Here are some reasons why it is a good reason to opt for the enclosure of the terrace:

  • One of the main reasons is that you will gain more useful space, the terrace is a space that usually only take advantage in summer, however if we choose to close it you can have that space all year.
  • Acoustic insulation, with good insulation will reduce the noise level, reducing noise pollution.
  • Energy efficiency, as with noise, with good insulation you can reduce your gas bill in winter and light in summer.
  • Cleaning, when closing that space outside dirt will not enter the interior of the house.
  • Privacy, you can isolate yourself from the outside when going out to your sunroom.

How to decorate a glazed terrace

You have already closed your terrace and now the time has come to decorate that extra space that you have managed to win for your home.


The decoration of your terrace It will vary if you keep conserving the space as an independent place or if you have integrated it into the room, for example.

If it is an independent space to be isolated from the outside, you can include more decorative elements than when it was outdoors, since it will be protected from inclement weather and also will not have to pick up or cover the furniture during the winter.

Choose your style that best suits your taste, from a colonial-style terrace with wooden furniture and rugs to a Zen space with Buddha figures and a bamboo plant.

If, on the other hand, the terrace has become part of your living room, you can take advantage of that space to put the dining area there, expand the living area or create a cozy reading corner.

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