Chocolate fountains for parties


Hello! Today we are going to talk about something that requires me to chew, chocolate. But in particular I'm going to talk about the sources of chocolate for wedding type, baptisms, communions … Before they were expensive and put one in a celebration was not very common, but there are many places and you can get chocolate for supplies in many physical stores and online. Personally, the one I like the most is Nestlé, but that is everyone who decides.

I am now thinking about the sweet table of the elder's communion. It will be something small with the closest family and little else. I have put a cap of 30 people including all the small cousins. I do not intend to set up a mini wedding, it will be a simple meal in a nice place with a place to play and that I can celebrate that day with my family. But the sweet table … You already know me. I am already thinking about it because my son wants a very concrete one and he knows that he does not want to give stamps, key rings, or figurines … He wants to give mini pots because he says he likes them more. And how is your special day

He likes chocolate fruit a lot, so I think I'm not going to get too complicated and I'm going to put a small fountain with cut fruit and some sweets. I have looked through the internet the options of renting one or buying it and having it for the little one in a few years or for snacks with friends … You can get chocolate fonts online with Dimoba for example. It is an online store catering supplies and occasionally have it reduced. The small one gives pretty well the solution for a table of sweets. Besides that they have some things for baking … You already know that I love buying a thousand nonsense of molds and trays.

I'm going to give you some ideas to serve with chocolate fountains and that is not always the same …

What to put with a chocolate fountain?


It is the most common but it is delicious. You can use pieces of banana, apple, orange, grapes, kiwi, pineapple … It's a sure hit. You can serve them in bowls separated by fruit, already pricked on skewers ready to dip in chocolate, on a plate with a beautiful presentation …


The mixture of cheese and chocolate is delicious. You can put pieces of cheese on sticks to pick them up and put them under the chocolate directly. You can also make mini skewers of cheese and grapes … Great.

grape cheese chocolate fountain


Some clouds with chocolate are typical and if you put them frozen for hot days … That's wonderful. And it is that the frozen cloud with the warm of the chocolate … Ummmm

chocolate fountain jelly beans


I often make mini sponge balls with the cake pops machine. But instead of putting them loose in a bowl, as I usually do, you can puncture two or three on a skewer stick so they are ready to get wet. If you do not have a machine, there are also molds for the oven.

cake pops cake pops

Do you dare to have a party with a chocolate fountain?

Sure you like it too …

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