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If you do not know what to give your sister, niece, granddaughter or your best friend for your wedding day, think about giving her a bridal bouquet. It is not very usual, but it is possible that it is a detail that gives you hope. If you live in Barcelona, ​​you can find many bridal bouquets barcelona in florists of all kinds and all styles that are worn. If you do not want to buy the bridal bouquet and prefer to do it yourself or you by hand, that is, a DIY bridal bouquet, attentive and attentive to the crafts that we propose below, as they are beautiful and a detail that you will want Save as a memory forever.


DIY bride bouquet

To begin, if you do not like the designs of bridal bouquets that you propose in the florist shops, you can design one yourselves. For this, you have to buy different flowers and branches in different florists and make a mix with those elements that you like most of each site. Of course, we recommend you buy some pruning shears, floral ribbon green, ribbon or cloth of lace to wrap the bouquet, a basin, different types of main flowers (roses, peonies …), small flowers (paniculatas, lavender …) and green branches or what is called greenery to complete the bouquet.


Wildflower bride bouquet

Another very nice option, especially if you live in the countryside and the wedding is celebrated in spring or summer, is to give the bride a bouquet of wild flowers. Its composition will depend on the area in which you live, but most likely you will find daisies, poppies, mallows, gladioli, hyacinths, azaleas, hydrangeas… you can make a very colorful and indigenous composition and, in addition, give the bride something that is fashionable, since flower bouquets of the field are trend.


Bridal bouquet flowers paper

In the event that you prefer to give her a bridal bouquet made by hand, a beautiful craft is to make a bridal bouquet of paper flowers. The styles are as diverse as flowers are in nature, and so much can be designed boho, like one Romantic or one simple and minimalist; in bright colors or in pastel shades... it will depend on the taste of the bride and the rest of the wedding flowers. Particularly, we like very much those bouquets that are made of flowers of book paper, especially for literary brides or made with sheet music for girlfriends music, like the one we see in the image above. We are sure that this branch will keep it for life.


Bridal bouquet flowers felt

And what do you tell us about bridal bouquets made with felt flowers? It's another kind of craft that looks beautiful in a link and that it does not fade with the passage of time. You can keep your bridal bouquet as a souvenir all your life and appreciate the work you put into it. As in the case of paper flowers, the design of these bouquets has no limit. You can do them rustic, elegant, bohemians, chics, of colors striking, in light tones… You can even make a combination of dried flowers and felt flowers Like the one we see in the image above, it remains luxurious and will also last forever.

We hope you liked these bouquets as a gift for your dear friends or close relatives who are about to get married and enjoy together this great day full of color and joy.

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