Cheap travel around Europe: tips and advice


In general terms, traveling in Europe is not the cheapest option we can find or choose as a destination compared to Latin America or Southeast Asia. What we can say is that getting cheap travel through Europe is possible and we bring the best advice.

If your wishes are to tour Italy, France, Spain, Germany and other European countries, but you feel that you do not have the full budget yet, we tell you that there are ways to save a few hundred dollars when traveling in Europe while continuing to enjoy and get to know the best of it.

A tour to economic Europe is possible to get, so take note of these tips and tips that we bring for you so you can get to fulfill your dream.

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Tips and advice for cheap travel around Europe

1.- All-inclusive travel packages

All-inclusive Europe travel packages are one of the first options we bring for you if you want cheap travel around Europe. In general, these tours to Europe last approximately 15 days and you can visit around 8 important and beautiful cities of the continent, where you also have everything included.

In the packages of trips to Europe you will have included the plane ticket, the transports and transfers, accommodation, buffet breakfast, tourist guides and companions, trips to tourist attractions, travel bag and insurance for tourists.

It is an excellent option if you want to save money and you also avoid the hassle of having to plan everything from your own account. One of the agencies that we personally recommend is Hoteleus, you will find different tour packages in Europe with everything included.

2.- Visit museums with free tickets

Some tickets to attractions in Europe can be a bit expensive, so we recommend that you visit the museums on the days that tickets are free or those whose tickets are always free.

On your part, you will have to investigate which museums are free, depending on the city you are going to visit, and you will need to know the days during the week that there is no cost for the entrance and what time it is allowed to enter.

Some of the free art galleries and museums in Europe are:

  • Berlin Wall Memorial – Germany.
  • Prado Museum – Spain.
  • Vatican Museums and The Sistine Chapel – Italy.
  • Louvre – France.
  • British Museum – England.

3.- Eat like a local or with street food

Telling you to cook your own food may sound a bit annoying, because no one really wants to cook on their vacations in Europe and even less to try the typical food of the country where you are.

What we can recommend is that you avoid eating everywhere in restaurants that are luxurious and expensive. As a reward, you can eat like a local in restaurants where there are no tourists and serve food more homemade and cheap.

Also, you can enjoy street food and this is very common to see in every European country. You can enjoy a chicken crepe in France or eat sausages in Germany.

4.- Walk or use the bicycle

Avoid using taxis or Uber at all costs, because the cost in euros or pounds may not be favorable for your purse. If you really want to immerse yourself in a European country or city, it is best if you travel by bicycle or explore the surroundings by walking.

These activities not only help you save money, but you will also be physically active and you will be able to find corners of the city that may call your attention.

5.- Visit Eastern European cities

In fact, there are cities in Europe that are cheaper than the most famous, namely France, Italy, Spain, etc. If you really want to get cheap trips to Europe, we recommend visiting the countries of the east. Usually these countries do not have the Euro as currency, so they tend to be less expensive.

Some of these countries are Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary or Bulgaria, these are the first 5 most economical destinations to make a tour to economic Europe and they are unique, beautiful countries with very interesting culture and history.

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