Charlotte Hornets 2019-20 squad: players, analysis and training


Black clouds threaten the Michael Jordan franchise this season. Only two victories separated the team from their main objective last season, the Playoffs. But his ordeal would not end there. With the disappointment and sadness of not having reached the "Post – Season", the North Carolina would see, helpless, how their top star, Kemba Walker, would leave the team heading to the Boston Celtics. It is time to thoroughly analyze the objectives and squad of the Charlotte Hornets 2019-20.

Despite the arrival of a high level base such as Terry Rozier; or the emergence of a "Rookie" with a bright future; all roads seem to lead to the same destination: the Tanking. It is well known the famous tactic of losing matches with the sole purpose of getting good positions in the Draft.

Analysis of the staff of Charlotte Hornets 2019-20

Unfortunately for his fans, this will not be one of the best years to enjoy the Hornets. With hardly any potential young (conserving distances with Miles Bridges or Malik Monk), Rozier, at just 25 years old, will have the great opportunity of throwing a team behind his back. Complemented by players like Nicolas Batum, Marvin Williams or Bismarck Biyombo, the Ohio base will seek, although it is almost impossible for many, to qualify the Jordan team to the Playoffs.

For the vast majority of journalists, players, or simply NBA fans, it was an open secret Kemba's departure during this free agency. Despite this, the Charlotte directive She has not been aggressive or especially interested in gathering great players. Terry Rozier aside, the Hornets have only incorporated the young Californian center Thomas Welsh into their team. Former Denver player with only 11 games played in the NBA.

Terry Rozier will be key in the staff of Charlotte Hornets 2019-20.

Terry Rozier will be the star of the Hornets, for good and for bad. Image courtesy of Guillermo Mayol.


A more than clear position in the staff of the Charlotte Hornets 2019-20. In it is the player with the most quality and importance of the team: Rozier The US base will seek to feel important again and show the level of PlaysOffs 2017-18, in which he averaged 16.5 points and 5.5 assists.

As the main alternate base we find Devon Graham. A 24 year old player, with hardly any prominence in the media. His role will be to try to hide Rozier's absence during the minutes that the starting base is on the bench.


A somewhat hesitant position, but with young players capable of covering it. Before the withdrawal of Tony Parker, who was the main substitute of the team last season, Malik Monk, happens to have a high level of prominence this campaign. As a companion we find Dwayne Bacon, another young player with a projection of the future. With only 21 and 24 years, Malik and Dwayne will cover this position in the team of James Borrego.


Veteranía, youth, power and quality. All these virtues come together in the eaves position in the staff of the Charlotte Hornets 2019-20. At 30, Nicolas Batum is still a key piece in the North Carolina team. After 10 years in the league in which he has demonstrated, in countless occasions, his quality and game, the French will act as teacher and advisor of the Rookie with greater projection of the team, Miles Bridge.

Nico Batum will be key in the staff of Charlotte Hornets 2019-20.

Hornets need the best level of Batum. Image courtesy of Guillermo Mayol.

The number 0 of the Hornets, with only 20 years, finished last year as a starter after playing at a high level throughout the season. Miles is presented as Charlotte's highest hope in a long term project. Together with Malik Monk, both can be consolidated as future franchise players of the Michael Jordan franchise.

Wing – Pivots

Another position more than clear. As in the last 4 seasons, Marvin Williams will be the starting pivot wing for James Borrego. Reaching almost ten points each season, and with a more than enviable defensive attitude, Williams has earned the confidence of his coach based on acts and efforts. It will be one of the main pillars of the team without a doubt, leaving little (to say nothing) prominence to his replacement, Kidd-Gilchrist.


Possibly the best covered position of the staff of the Charlotte Hornets 2019-20. Zeller, a pivot with good score and a defense and rebounding ability enviable, will start in the position of 5 holder of the hand of James Borrego. Next to him, Congolese Bismarck Biyombo, and Spaniard Willy Hernangómez, will share minutes with him, a center born in Indiana.

Everything indicates that Biyombo, having “surplus” of pivots, will play many of his minutes on the court in the position of power forward. In this way, Borrego avoids cutting the projection and the minutes of a player Young and with a future as is the Spanish Willy Hernangómez

This is the template of Charlotte Hornets 2019-20

Devon 'Graham Dwayne Bacon Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Marvin williams Cody Zeller
Terry Rozier Malik Monk Miles Bridges P. J. Washington Bismack Biyombo
Joe chealey Josh Perkins Nicolas Batum Willy Hernangómez
Kobi Simmons Cody martin Thomas Welsh
Caleb Martin

Charlotte Hornets Formation

Terry Rozier

Without a doubt, the 25-year-old base is called to monopolize all prominence in the Hornets this campaign. After the march of the super star Kemba Walker, the Jordan franchise took over Rozier's services as a “change”, thus seeking to cover the gap left by the All – Star. Terry will seek to enter the top of the best bases in the league. Something more than possible considering the little competition you will have within the team. This season will debut as a "starting base" in the NBA, a season that will be key to making a quality leap in future campaigns.

Nicolas Batum

It is not far-fetched to think about the possibility of seeing the Frenchman in the position of starting guard. If Borrego finally makes this decision, it will be with a single idea, not to cut the Bridges projection. Batum, as usual, will continue to provide annotation, defense and play in a constant and simple way as he has done since his arrival to the team. Next to Rozier, "Nic" is positioned as the second sword of the team, which will have to complement perfectly with Rozier if they really want to aspire to the positions of Playoffs.

Miles Bridge

The biggest hope for fans within the staff of the Charlotte Hornets 2019-20. A young player, who, with just 21 years, has managed to get into the pocket of much of the fans. Last season already left an impact on the team, its enormous physical power and its jump left us with more of a "highlight" that circulated in the networks devilishly.

With Monk, Bridges must make a leap of quality and trust This campaign, thus seeking to establish itself as a real future project for the Hornets. Only in this way can Borrego and Jordan's confidence be won so as not to end up leaving the team in future seasons.

Marvin williams

Marvin has been starting as a starter for the Hornets for 4 seasons now, and this season doesn't seem to change. Always efficient and without complaints or any selfishness, Williams has become a regular man in the whole of James Borrego.

Marvin will start what will be his sixth season in the North Carolina team. A different season, since with the march of players like Jeremy Lamb or Frank Kaminsky, the role of Williams in attack can be greatly increased. Even being a facet not quite "comfortable" for him.

Cody Zeller

It will be the reference player in the painting. The pivot, of 2.13 m, comes from playing one of the most scoring seasons of his career (10.1 points). Despite having reached the Borrego team seven seasons ago, in none of them has he managed to establish himself as a starting center, except for the final leg of the last league. With hardly any competition, and with a golden opportunity to win once and for all the confidence of his coach, Zeller will start from the beginning in a season in which he can make a difference.

Charlotte Hornets 2019-20 goals

You must be very optimistic to think about some Playoffs with Charlotte Hornets in them. Complicated, if not impossible, is that the Horrnets manage to outperform teams like Miami, Detroit, Orlando or Wizards. Very possibly, the goal of James Borrego and Jordan this campaign will be the tanking. It will try to win the least possible number of matches in order to opt for a great pick of the Draft 2020.

In cases like these, with the star of the team leaving for another franchise, without a replacement star, and with just 2 possible young players with a certain projection, the tanking It is presented as the best option. Enduring a few years playing bad seasons to achieve form a promising young nucleus in a 3 or 4 year stretch Not a bad choice. A similar case is that of the 76ers, who in the 2015 season signed a very poor record of 10-72. Today, the Philadephia are positioned as a clear team contend thanks to picks of the Draft which they brought to Simmons and Embiid. In addition to a great team management through various transfers.

It will be a long season for Charlotte fans, or maybe a few years. But everything happens and things change quickly in this league. With good sports management, good coaching staff and, above all, players with an attitude and desire to change the landscape, the Hornets can return to the upper area of ​​the league in just a few years.

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