Change your Face for that of a Famous with This App


Deepfakes? This term may seem strange to you and that is why we want to tell you a little about what they are.

Well, "Deep fakes" are nothing more than artificial intelligence techniques that allow you to edit fake photos or videos of people who are apparently real. The use of this technology is booming and applications such as FaceApp and the latest Zao, attest to that.

Zao is a Chinese app that so far is only available for iOS, in the China region. This app is able to exchange our face for that of celebrities.

Can you imagine seeing your face in your favorite movie?

With Zao this is possible. You only need a photo, then you must choose the character you want to be from in a long list and in 8 seconds the app will do its magic and generate the video. You can download the video and above all upload to your social networks.

Although at the moment it is not available for Android, we do not doubt that it will be very soon. Since its success in China is getting bigger, being the most downloaded in the Asian country.

Controversy about the privacy of information in Zao

As with FaceApp, there are many debates that have been opened regarding the issue of privacy and the use of this app. And is that by installing the app the client authorizes the developer, Momo Inc., to use their photos.

In the contract of terms of use of Zao established that the app had rights “free, irrevocable, permanent, transferable and licensed” on the content of the users.

Clause that had to be modified thanks to the great stir that caused. In addition, the developer has ensured that they will not use the content generated by the app for other purposes.

Meanwhile, the WeChat social network has begun to block all types of content from Zao. This in order to protect its users from the "threat" that Zao is for them.

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