Cervecita, solecito and Typical Tapas of Eurofrits, the best of summer!


This summer at the beach bar you are sure to have a few beers, red wines and of course some other typical Tapas or typical tapas.

It is a summer classic, long days and eager to have fun! If we know something in Spain, it is to have fun and enjoy the small details of everyday life in equal parts, such as going out with friends and meeting in a little room and enjoying a good meal, because Spain, of course, has a wide and Fabulous gastronomy!

When you go to a beach bar, your favorite bar, or restaurants, including fast food; You usually order tapas like chicken fingers or mozzarella, croquettes of all kinds, white potatoes, etc. etc. and many more!

Eurofrits Typical Tapas

What you may not know is that many of these products are made by a company called Eurofrits, within its range Typical Tapas.

The Typical Tapas range has a wide range of frozen products for snacks, snacks and typical tapas for all tastes, offering innovative premium products of the highest quality, with a careful selection and excellence in food safety.

Among its tapas you can taste delicacies such as barbecue chicken wings, marinated chicken fingers, breaded rabas, cod delicacies with piquillo peppers, chorizo ​​pinches, or Cajun chicken breast delicacies, and many more.

Eurofrits is not just any company, they started their journey 30 years ago in Spain, in Burgos for more details. Currently, it has a presence in more than 20 countries in the European market and with expansion plans in more than 75 international markets.

In a world where we bring everything from abroad, it is good to know that there are Spanish companies such as Eurofrits that export products such as Typical Tapas to other countries with full guarantees.

Eurofrits Typical Tapas

Every year millions of tourists come to our coasts and cities, to enjoy our sun, culture and cuisine. I think it's a good idea that foreigners can enjoy the tapas they tried in Spain at home, as well, it is very likely that they will return to our country soon to try new tapas.

This is not achieved if the raw material is not of the highest quality – Eurofrits has a real and audited commitment not to use genetically modified foods – as well as the sophisticated processes of manufacturing its products. Eurofrits, like few Spanish companies, are left over because they always have in mind the needs of their customers, and above all, our tastes as final consumers.

Surely if you pay a little attention and look at the labels of frozen products in your supermarket, you will see that many are manufactured by them; Since, in addition, being a company that distributes its products to the main catering and hospitality companies in Spain and Portugal, it is increasingly present in the main companies of the food channel.

So, the next cover you take accompanied by a beer or a summer red at the beach bar or bar, will surely be another product of this innovative company. As my grandmother used to say, you will never go to bed without knowing one more thing! 😉

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