Celebrating failure


The National Holidays passed and the massive drunkenness was left behind, perhaps the sad illusion of popular numbness or indifference before a Peru whipped by corruption in the high spheres of the State, family violence, the increase in crime, organized crime and endless of evils …

Source: Facebook

As a backdrop, everyone applauds the Pan American Games Lima 2019, where the Peruvian State has invested the sum of 1,200 million dollars, according to the Spanish agency EFE. The inauguration – designed by the Italian company Balich Worldwide Shows – was a display of art, glitters and oropeles, to show the beautiful face of the country.

We agree that sport is essential, but this could be a one-day flower, because we know that during the rest of the year all sports disciplines are practically abandoned. I apologize for playing the role of spoilers.

Behind this lavishness, impeccable scenarios and paid advertising that shows triumphant athletes in slow motion, what are we doing to achieve the social development of Peru? Are we not repeating that malicious practice of ancient Rome, giving the people "bread and circus"?

Peru literally bleeds. So far this year there are 95 women killed in different parts of the country. Enough of crimes! The media spread weekly the increase in attacks and murders of women, and the feeling of indolence is gaining ground among Peruvians. But there are more statistics on violence against women: from January to June 2019 there were 204 attempts at feminicide in Peru.

Data from the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (Mimp) indicate that in January 2019 alone, more than 12 thousand cases of violence against women were registered through the Women's Emergency Centers nationwide, the 3 main forms being violence psychological, physical and sexual respectively.

Also, I have just read that a former Comptroller of the Republic (person in charge of controlling and taking care of the good use of State resources) has been denounced for alleged illicit enrichment …

Please, how long is all this!

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