Alert for bill that would end digital innovation in the country

During these days a bill that seeks to strengthen citizen security in Colombia is being debated in the First Commission of the Senate of the Republic. One of the controversial points of this proposal and that some already qualify as a monkey, is Article 12 that in its title refers to the "use of malicious software" but in its content says that "without being entitled to it, produce, traffic, acquire, distribute, sell, send, use, introduce or extract malicious software or OTHER COMPUTER PROGRAMS from the national territory, incur a prison sentence of four to eight years and a fine of 100 to 1,000 legal monthly minimum wages valid".

Computer experts say that if approved, they would be condemning the country to a technological backwardness without precedent in history, as web developers, programmers, systems engineers and others, would be left with their hands tied to work, create and transform programs, applications and others, or that if they did, they would be treated as criminals. Similarly, no one would dare even give computer security conferences using software to make demos.

But there is something even worse, that bill as it is proposed, would not only harm experts in the field but all ordinary people who access these programs, either through their mobile devices or a computer.