Plants for magical rituals – Narrators of the Mystery

Lavender separates negative energies and attracts good luck


It cleanses the home of negative energies, gossip from others and "jobs". It is a plant that It attracts good luck and success. It also relieves anxiety and tension, it is useful to reduce stress.

The lavender set aside the negative energies and it attracts good luck

Since ancient times plants have protected homes, fields or businesses of bad influences and have also attracted the good luck of those who used their properties for that purpose.

Sometimes mixed with other ingredients, they have always been used for beneficial and positive uses: awaken the passion of being loved, to get work, money or contracts, for good health, to ward off negativity, bad luck, to remove the evil eye, to clean the house of envy and gossip …

preparation: save dried flowers in a white cloth bag, closed with a white bow. Store it under your pillow.


The Celts considered it a sacred shrub because it was a protective plant against evil, splashing the house with infusion made of verbena leaves and to attract economic prosperity by helping the growth of the crops.

With verbena the whole plant is used with astringent, digestive, diuretic and purifying properties.

preparation: make an infusion of 5 gr. in 100 ml. of water will provide in the rituals of love open new hopes of achieving happiness with reconciliation, or open up to new loves.


La Ruda is a very powerful plant that fights and rejects all types of hexes, especially those of black magic. It protects from the bites of insects and poisonous animals such as snakes, where the rude grows, snakes do not approach, it may be due to its unpleasant smell.

Its medicinal virtues are also well known.

The rue will drive away the curses of your life and it will help you to heal insect bites

preparation: plant two pots of rue (one male and another hembre) and leave at the entrance of your house: the male rude placed on the right and the female rude on the left. If any dry, thank the plant, because it absorbed all the negative energies and burn it as soon as possible. Then plant another equal in the place where the previous one was.

  The rue will drive away the curses of your life and will help you to heal insect bites


Thyme burns to purify the environment and free itself from negative influences. As well attracts good health. If you do not want to have nightmares, place a little dry thyme under the pillow. Thyme uses leaves and flowers, used as a tonic to combat gastritis, and in the form of mouth rinses is expectorant and antiseptic.

It has the property of increasing people's strength at that time.

preparation: Take a handful of thyme, freshly picked and with flowers, into the bath water, fill you up and inspire courage, strength and courage to face difficult situations.