Prices in origin of vegetables September 19

The articles of prices at origin of vegetables with the first important blackboard of the 19-20 campaign. We are going to break down the news of the prices in the Almeria fields during the last month of September.

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Prices in origin of vegetables September 19

Breakdown of prices at the origin of vegetables in September.

We start with the eggplant, where the best news is the high price at the origin of the striped eggplant.

He zucchini The campaign has started with very low quotes. Hopefully the next month will improve.

Refering to green bean, we see a pretty good price for the striped bean and rather low for the flat bean.

We pass to cucumber, where we find low prices for the three varieties. Only the spanish cucumber ‘Saved’ the furniture in September.

However the pepper It presented better prices at origin than the previous ones. Again, the Lamuyo pepper It was one of the strongest vegetables of the month with its € 0.96 / kg.

We finish with him tomato, where we also found some decent quotes. It was probably due to the shortage of this product even in the fields of Almeria. They highlighted the roasted tomato with its € 1.21 / kg and the tomato branch with € 0.66 / kg.

Conclusion on prices at the origin of vegetables in September.

Therefore, we can say that the 2019-2020 campaign has started with prices at the origin of vegetables at medium-low levels.

This is not surprising, since in recent years it has been the usual tonic. The reasons are usually several, such as the high temperatures of late summer in Europe keep their productions at a good pace and makes the demand for Spanish vegetables is low. In addition, the early productions of our country tend to have higher yields, also due to the amount of daylight hours of these dates and high temperatures.

So, we will be attentive to the evolution of the month of October. Until then!

SOURCE: Prices and Markets Observatory Junta Andalucía

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