Coca-Cola and a world full of garbage

This documentary by Deustche Welle explores how Coca-Cola led to the popularization of the use of plastic to bottle its products, even knowing the ecological damage that this would mean.

It also shows how companies in general and this in particular, create foundations to exercise their opinion and pressure on politicians and society, in order to achieve scenarios in their favor.

They have convinced the public that the problem is not the plastic bottle but that we do not recycle enough.

The reality is that with glass containers this did not happen and the plastic bottle is only more practical and economical for the company to consumers, the only benefit it gives us is to consume plastic along with the sugar water.

An unmissable documentary where we also see how the company tries to do a face-lift of its ecological impact by manipulating data and not fulfilling its own commitments, because as we all know Coca-Cola is like that.

Coca-Cola and a world full of garbage 1

Without further ado, I leave the documentary to see that it is worth it and not the plastic bottles are not our fault but of the companies and if the solution is in our hands and it is not recycle, but simply do not buy anything that comes bottled in plastic and thus cut This cycle that all it does is generate more and more garbage and pollution.

I hope you like it, share it and comment.