Wormwood, a plant with many medicinal properties

The wormwood is what is popularly called the Artemisia absinthium, of which different names are used in different regions such as holy grass, yerba de santo, bitter artemisia or ajorizo, and is a plant with enormous therapeutic benefits.

It grows in different temperate regions of the European continent, Mediterranean Africa and Asia, and contains various medicinal properties that we list below.

Also by the name of wormwood is called an alcoholic beverage based on a varied mixture of herbs, which contains a good part of this plant.

Wormwood Properties

Absinthe stands out for its choleretic, anthelmintic, analgesic, antibacterial and vermifuge properties. The most common uses of the wormwood plant thanks to the benefits it provides are to treat the following ailments:

Digestive problems and stomach upset. The infusion of this plant can be of great help to counteract all kinds of complications of the digestive and intestinal system. It is good for treating discomforts such as gas, heartburn or burning, gastric acidity and swelling of the belly.

Intestinal parasites. In turn, thanks to the antibacterial, anthelmintic and vermifuge properties of the plant, it works very well to eliminate parasites from the digestive tract and intestine. If these, in addition, cause us stomach aches, the analgesic action of the plant will help more than other antiparasitic drugs.

Liver and gallbladder problems. The wormwood and its choleretic action help in the secretion of bile juices, and in this way it benefits the health of the liver and bile, normalizes its proper functioning and improving the discomforts in both organs.

Bad breath. Halitosis or bad breath is caused by the presence of bacteria that gather in the mouth area, as well as severe stomach problems. Absinthe thanks to the combination of properties is very effective in combating bad breath caused by bacteria.

wormwood plant

Period pains. Thanks to its analgesic properties of this plant, it is one of the main plants for uterine pain and discomfort that many women suffer during the menstrual period.

In addition to being an analgesic, it is a hormonal stabilizer that helps normalize the functioning of hormones in the body during this process.

Repellent of external parasites. Absinthe can be used in its different formats to treat external parasites such as lice, fleas and ticks, as well as repel insects such as mosquitoes, which are expelled by wormwood.

Skin soothing Also and in addition to repelling insects, wormwood helps soothe the pain and itching of their bites.

How to consume wormwood

Absinthe is available in various formats such as tincture or liquid extract, capsules and infusion.

Wormwood Infusion

The infusion or wormwood tea is prepared very simply. One cup must be boiled for each teaspoon of proportion infusion.

First the water is boiled and then the herb is added, left covered and resting for 10 minutes. You can drink up to three cups of this tea or infusion daily.

wormwood properties

Wormwood contraindications

Absinthe does not have many contraindications, although it should be borne in mind that tincture should be avoided in cases of gastric and intestinal ulcer.If they are being taken heart medications It may be that wormwood, in any of its formats, does not react very well, so it is therefore better to consult a doctor or specialist before consuming it.

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