Cashback, recover money from your purchases


Do you want to recover part of the money you spend on your clothes, beauty products, hotels or other products and services? Thanks to the cashback pages it is possible, they are a very interesting pages that will allow us an important saving at the end of the month. Below we explain how they work.

How cashback works

Websites that offer money to buy are those that have affiliate programs. Casshback has collaborations with many of these Websites (Zalando, Booking or Fnac, for example), and they are paid every time they send someone to their Websites. As we said, they receive a commission. At the same time, the individual, when making an online purchase on these Websites, receives part of that commission. Simply put, everyone wins. The store receives new customers without making many marketing efforts, which are much more expensive, since marketing has done cashback promoting purchases in exchange for gifts or money; cashback receives a commission from each online store for each new customer that signs up; and the user receives a percentage of the purchases he has made.

One of the most popular and popular cashback websites is Beruby. It started in Spain in 2007 and is currently present in 14 countries. In addition to cashback for our purchases, we can find coupons, so that they go cheaper. In addition, coupons can be used both online and in-person purchases, even in supermarkets. Inviting friends, we can receive 50% of the profits they get, and the charges are simple, through the PayPal application, or bank transfer.

Other websites that are worth consulting to make money online are Gelt, Aklamio, or ConsuPermiso. Some are Spanish, and others Latin American. It is worth consulting their conditions, although all have a similar dynamic of operation.

The cashback pages: what you should know

The cashback pages are completely free, we will not have to pay to register. In fact, we are the merchandise that cashback sells to associated companies, so to speak. If when we become partners of any of these pages we work through cashback the product or service is not more expensive. At the time of purchase the price does not change, it can even be cheaper if we have obtained discount coupons and want to use them.

If someone asks, at this point in reading, if these pages really work, the answer is yes. They do work, and you can earn a lot of money by buying through cashback, among other things because stores and platforms earn money with purchases and new registrations. And they will not leave one of its main assets unattended: the registered user.

Once we have made our purchase, our money is transferred to the cashback account, and when the store has confirmed the operation, you can request it in different ways, depending on the page in question. It can be done by Paypal or bank transfer.

Depending on each online store associated with cashback, in order to withdraw money you will need to have a minimum in your account, that is, you will have to have made a certain number of purchases.

Most of the online stores in Spain collaborate with the most important caschback, except Amazon. If you sign up for a store, it will be interesting that you look at the possibility of signing up for one more, since the percentages of what you take vary significantly, and if you have a habit of buying online, it will not be any effort.

The period in which you will receive your money depends on the agreements established by the stores with the platforms. In the case of travel or hotel websites, money will normally be refunded in our account once the service has been consumed, since there is a possibility that you will cancel your reservations.

Cashback can sometimes take some time to be credited to your account. Because, for example, some online stores do not inform the cashback website until after the package is delivered and after exceeding the return period. In the case of travel websites or hotel reservations, the cashback will not be refunded until the service has been consumed; since you could cancel the trip or the hotel night at the last moment.

What we should know is that once we have purchased, in this case you can not cancel, since the stores have planned in their agreements with cashback with users who have already registered and made their purchase.

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