Carlos Mario Jiménez, a different prisoner


Carlos Mario Jiménez, aka ‘Macaco’ in his wartime, when he led the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, returned to the country after serving his sentence in the United States.

Jiménez who was extradited for the crime of drug trafficking returned to the country after paying 11 years in prison for drug trafficking and being excluded from the peace process with the AUC and being extradited by the government of the time.

Contrary to other prisoners, Carlos Mario Jiménez never lent himself from the prison to make false statements against other people to harm them and extort them as a cartel of lawyers who have a sophisticated criminal scheme intended.

For not lending itself to that, Jiménez faces an unjust prison sentence in Colombia, because he did not do what certain lawyers wanted him to do to harm Colombian political figures.

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