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Far away is that Russia that marveled at the World Cups of the 90s. Incontestable defeat, 137-91, in the 1994 final against the US and painful defeat against Yugoslavia in 1998. Bodiroga, MVP of that final, was the wall that was between silver and gold in a concise but disputed match. Since that painful 64-62, he has not returned to play a leading role in a basketball world cup. Do youWhat image we will see of Russia at the 2019 World Cup in China?

Along the way, it is true, he has had successful generations like Kirilenko and company. This generation achieved the greatest success in its history, the Gold in the Eurobasket of 2007 against the Spain of Pau Gasol. Who does not remember that 59-54 in favor of Spain in the absence of something more than a minute? Who doesn't remember Jon Robert Holden's winning basket in the absence of 3 seconds?

At present, Russia is in a moment to find itself again. He did not play the last World Cup, Spain in 2014, and has not been doing good roles in Europeans. Yes it managed to curdle a good performance in the last European, being fourth, all based on a cemented project in Sergey Bazarévich. From him, and Alexey Shved, the possibilities are born, for the Russians, of curdling a great role in the 2019 World Cup in China.

Call of Russia for the World Cup in China 2019

The news, in the pre-convocation of Russia, is the withdrawal of its star Timofey Mozgov. In recent times there have been endless stories about Mozgov, but the fact is that he has been the entire season of injury injury and the World Cup will be lost. Another of the casualties, also important, will be those of its titular base, Dmitry Khvostov, and that of the other base, Ivan Ukhov. Sergey will be able to count on Alexey Shved as a star, the rest of the squad being players who play in Russian competitions.

Alexey Shved will be one of Russia's next players in the 2019 World Cup in China.


  • Mikhail Kulagin
  • Grigory Motovilov
  • Evgeny Baburin

We will have to see how Sergey Bazarévich adapts to the absences in the base post. Dmitry Khvostov is an important casualty and I imagine that Evgeny Baburin will assume that role. But, it would not be surprising, either, to see Shved do those functions. Anyway, Russia is a very dependent team of its scorer, Shved, and this modifies any other aspect. Because if you don't pull them, you will have to pull young people like Platunov, Sopin or Motovilov, all of them excessively green.


  • Vitaly Fridzon
  • Alexey Shved
  • Dmitry Kulagin

This is where the cod is probably cut. Shved, if he does not assume the base role, will be the flagship from the escort post. On him, much of the good work of Russia depends on the World Cup in China, although he has barely participated in past matches. Fridzon curdled a good previous phase but should be behind one of the Kulagin brothers, Dimitry. A Dimitry who played all the games of the previous phase, averaging 13 points and 4.4 assists by encounter.

Dmitry Kulagin will be one of Russia's next players in the 2019 World Cup in China.


  • Nikita Balashov
  • Sergey Karasev
  • Andrei Vorontsevich
  • Andrey Zubkov
  • Nikita Kurbanov
  • Evgeny Valiev

Endless possibilities have the Russian box in the forward position. Players who, perfectly, can play a role in the outer wing or in the inner wing playing open or near the paint. In principle, former NBA Sergey Karasev could be the main piece in the eave post. He averaged 11 points with 45% in field shots during the qualifying phase and in Zenit, he has been around 17 points per game.

Another option could be Vorontsevich, which can also play pivot wing. The third in discord, in the rotation would be Zubkov, a Zenit player, who has actively participated during the previous phase.


  • Semyon Antonov
  • Vladimir Ivlev
  • Joel Bolomboy
  • Andrei Lopatin

Here is another position in which Russia can play riddles. The definition of pivot wing today is quite ambiguous. It would not be surprising, as I mentioned before, to see minutes in that position to Vorontsevich, by its nature and size, but neither would be to see Antonov in these chores. Ivlev, Bolomboy and Lopatin do not see them ready to play a certainly important role for the current Russian team.

Andrei Vorontsevich will be one of Russia's next players in the 2019 World Cup in China.


  • Artem Zabelin
  • Artem Klimenko

The withdrawal of Mozgov is key to the pivot position. It is true that, it comes from a blank season but the Russian pivot is essential for your team. Without Mozgov and Petr Gubanov, responsibilities will fall on Klimenko and Zabelin. This is Sergey Bazarévich, should do magic because neither are guarantee players. Bolomboy? We will see.

Russian players to follow in the 2019 World Cup in China

Alexey Shved is the man. As I said, it depends a lot on Russia's aspirations. Is a killer And if you have the day, destroy almost any team. It comes from averaging 23 points per night in the Euroleague and is in its perfect moment of maturation. Shved is the star but he won't be alone.

Karasev should be important for this Russia. He had a good previous phase and a great season in Zenit. Together with the two of them, I would highlight Dmitry Kulagin. The older brother of Mikhail Kulagin, also in the preconvocatory, has been very regular throughout his season in the Lokomotiv Kuban as well as in the qualifying phase for the World Cup, playing the 12 games and scoring 13 points per game adding 4.4 rebounds and 4.4 assists .

Possible initial quintet of Russia at the China World Cup 2019

  • Alexey Shved
  • Dmitry Kulagin
  • Sergey Karasev
  • Semyon Antonov
  • Artem Klimenko

Objectives of Russia at the 2019 World Cup in China

What objective could Russia have in this World Cup? The main one, find sensations again and pass the first phase. In a group with Argentina, Nigeria and South Korea they should get one of the first two places for the next phase. In it, they could play any selection of group A (China, Venezuela, Ivory Coast and Poland) being all "affordable" so, the advance could happen.

From the first two rounds, he would get serious for a Russia that was in seventh position in the last World Cup, Tunisia 2010, and that comes from making a good European being fourth in that competition. My forecast is that without being favorites, and despite the lows, I think they could reach the rooms of the end of the World Cup in China 2019.

National teams participating in the 2019 World Cup in China

Selections participants in the world Cup from China 2019
Poland Ivory Coast Venezuela China
Russia Argentina Korea Nigeria
Spain Iran Puerto Rico Tunisia
Angola Philippines Italy Serbia
Turkey Czech Republic U.S Japan
Greece New Zealand Brazil Montenegro
Dominican Republic France Germany Jordan
Canada Senegal Lithuania Australia

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