Cali, best cultural destination in South America in 2019


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The city of Cali in Colombia has been chosen as the Best Cultural Destination in South America in 2019, thanks to its great incentives for travelers.

In South America We find a large number of destinations that are really worthwhile at a cultural level and allow us to make very interesting trips to get to know great buildings, museums, the history of incredible places, among many other attractions. The World Travel Awards were recently held and one of the awards went to Colombia.

Specifically, the prize went to the city of Cali, which has been chosen as the Best Cultural Destination in South America For this year, a really important appointment that can increase the number of visitors that this excellent city receives in the coming months. It serves as a powerful promotional tool for national and international tourism.

Cali is the capital of the famous Valle del Cauca, a spectacular area for its natural attractions but also for its interesting culture and history, allowing travelers to enjoy a trip as complete as possible. In this sense we can enjoy large buildings such as the Cathedral of San Pedro in the old town, which houses important works of the Quito school.


On the other hand you can know the religious complex of San Francisco, an 18th century building and where we can see the chapel of La Merced. Religious tourism is very present in the city of Cali and allows visitors to enjoy a very complete holiday in this regard, making a tour of the entire city.

It is also important to note that Avianca has won in the category of the Leading Airline Brand of South America, so that Colombia It is very well represented in these awards and the promotion that is being done is really very remarkable so that the presence of more travelers is a reality in their different regions.

Without a doubt in Colombia we find great proposals in more popular cities like Cartagena de Indias or Bogotá, but it is also worth keeping in mind the city of Cali as an alternative

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