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In recent years, cryptocurrencies have become one of the most attractive markets for investors and individuals who wish to experiment with new investment products. While it is now when they are being regulated in most countries, cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold for years and all data indicate that it is done more and more frequently.

Cryptocurrency traders are becoming more numerous, but also individuals who want to buy bitcoins and / or ethereums and wait to get a return on their investment. Although it is a consolidated market, the truth is that many users encountered difficulties when buying and selling cryptocurrencies immediately and safely. despite the existence of numerous international platforms in the sector.

Fortunately today, the habitual consumers of this type of products have nothing to worry about, and that is the existence of options to buy bitcoins like has greatly simplified the market. This company is 100% legal and allows you to buy bitcoins Spain through very secure methods, among which is the bank transfer. If you did not know how to buy bitcoin so far, this company can be a great option to get started in this exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

Agreements with the country's major banks

That there is a platform that guarantees security to users when investing their money and that also allows transactions immediately was what thousands of fans of the world of cryptocurrencies were waiting for. And is that being a relatively young market there are many companies but the reality shows that not all offer a safe service for users.

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<p>The case of Paynote is different, since <strong>is a company that has all the legal guarantees to operate normally in our country and also has extensive experience in this field.</strong> It is one of the most pioneering companies in the world of cryptocurrencies and therefore has thousands of users every day around the world.</p>
<p>To achieve this high level of security and immediacy in transactions, <strong>this company has collaboration agreements with many of the largest banks in Spain</strong>. This allows users to pay within their bank and receive the money transfer immediately in the Paynote account. Immediately that money goes to the purchase that the user has made, either for bitcoins, ethereums or other cryptocurrencies. </p>
<p>Therefore the use of intermediary payment platforms of dubious reputation and with high commissions is avoided, and that is that <strong>Now with a simple bank transfer order anyone can make a purchase of cryptocurrencies quickly and safely.</strong> </p>
<h2><span id=How to start buying cryptocurrencies

Among the users of this company are some of the most experienced and successful cryptocurrency market investors, but also thousands of users who want to start in this exciting and innovative ecosystem in the network.

In order to carry out the purchase of cryptocurrencies the user First of all they have to register on the web and enter their personal data to verify your identity. Once the verification process is completed, the user accesses a simple interface in which he has access to the purchase and sale of any type of cryptocurrency. with the real prices with those that are quoted in the market at all times. In addition, another type of data is shown, such as statistics, information of interest or the profitability of the different operations.

This simple interface of the platform facilitates its use and access even for people not accustomed to make transfers and purchases in the network, but without giving up a very complete and quality service to meet the needs of more experienced investors.

As you can see, thanks to the existence of this type of company, it is easier than ever to buy and sell bitcoins in Spain. Make transfers, buy and sell immediately allows a fast and intelligent use of cryptocurrencies for all types of users and especially in a secure environment in which your money is always safe.

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