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About BeTranslated

BeTranslated's strategy to offer all its services is to have created a international network of professional translators able to translate texts in different language combinations and address all kinds of topics related to the business sector. The foundation of the project lies with Michael, of Belgian nationality, to which other translators from the Netherlands have joined in coordination positions, Belgium itself as well as collaborators from several countries of the world.

As for the language combinations available, a translation may be required in any of them, but the most demanded are those seen in this image:


Translation services available on BeTranslated

As we said at the beginning of the article, BeTranslated only focuses on providing service to companies. And these private institutions can be companies framed within international trade, shops and businesses within the world of catering, and even oenegés and charities.

Each of these corporations will need a specialized type of translation, for which BeTranslated offers the following services:

  • Translation of commercial and marketing documents.
  • Full translations of web pages. SEO services are included in the service to maintain visibility in search engines in the languages ​​to be translated.
  • Financial translations
  • Translation of all kinds of technical documents.
  • IT translation: user guides, tenders, manuals and applications for the telecommunications sector.

Why hire BeTranslated services

The first of the advantages of having BeTranslated services is to get a quality translation job to Very competitive prices. Working with freelance translators reduces costs and this shows in the final budget.

The second reason to delegate a translation job is because how quickly the service is obtained. The issuance of the budget does not take more than 24 hours and, given the large number of translators available, there is always a professional who can get down to work immediately after the budget has been accepted.

The last advantage of BeTranslated is that you can get any type of translation specialist. Again, the network of collaborators allows you to always find the right professional to translate the text that the client needs: about botany, medical texts, technical specializations, etc.

How to request a translation service

The entire translation process it is done digitally and it develops as follows:

  • The first step is to contact BeTranslated.
  • One of the area managers will contact the client to start the service in the client's mother tongue.
  • Information about the type of translation needed is collected from the client. You can use a form on the website itself.
  • BeTranslated assigns the most appropriate translator or translator to the project.
  • The translation begins with an agreed deadline.
  • Once finished, it is sent to the client, he checks it and, finally, when the approval is given, the service is paid.

In addition to being able to contact via form through the BeTranslated website, the agency can also be contacted through the following data:

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