Burn fat: we dismantle all myths with coach David Montero


One of the goals we set daily in the gym is burn calories and there are many doubts that invade us regarding what training routines to choose or what machines to use to get it. In addition, on the Internet we find countless information that, far from clarifying our mind, overwhelms us and we definitely do not know where to start.

Luckily, we had the pleasure of speaking with personal trainer David Montero, founder of the YouTube channel Ultimate Fitness, who tells us the main myths about fat burning in the gym and gives us some practical advice to get to reduce to the maximum the accumulated fat in our body. Does curiosity bite you? Well don't miss the interview! 👇

1. Many beginner athletes want to start exercising to lose fat. What would you say are the essential pillars of good fat burning training?

It is really important to understand that there is no miracle exercise or routine as many times we want to sell, but we must have as fundamental pillars a good diet, an active life and adequate rest.

As for food, we mean having a caloric deficit as the first focus of our attention; secondly one macro distribution appropriate to our exercise giving attention to protein to minimize muscle mass losses and finally, a minimum intake of all micronutrients.

On the other hand, we must perform exercise, understanding it as strength training (lifting weights) so that our body understands that that muscle that it has needs it and should not lose it in this fat loss process, and a very interesting option would be to combine it with some cardiovascular training sessions, both to accelerate the process and for health reasons.

And, last but not least, the rest must be of a 7h-8h minimum with a restful sleep and quality

2. And what do you think is better for burning fat: cardio or strength training?

There is no better exercise, since It will not be exercise that causes us to lose fat but a combination of the different factors We have worked before.
But if I had to choose between one of the two I would surely stay, without a doubt, with the strength training since it will not help not to lose muscle during this definition process.

3. What advice would you give to a person who wants to burn fat but does not want to lose muscle mass under any circumstances? How should you focus your training routine?

Avoiding losing muscle mass will always be our goal since There is a correlation between normal levels of muscle mass and health. For this, it is important to understand that strength training during the definition is paramount and not only that, but to maintain an adequate intensity in our workouts.

Many times in the fat loss phase we give a lot of importance to cardio and this interferes with our strength training because we arrive exhausted (even more if we add a caloric deficit) and do not train at the intensity necessary to maintain the muscle of our body. A very interesting strategy to not affect our training with loads and increase spending, it would be, for example, to increase our NEAT, or in other words, any physical activity we do during the day outside of the training itself (Go to work walking or park a little further, take a walk around the office every X time if we are sitting for a long time, etc.).

4. In the case of those who wish to burn fat in the gym, what machines would you advise to achieve this goal? Are all the devices valid or are there any that should be avoided?

In sports centers there are all kinds of machines since the fitness industry is always trying to keep innovating and sometimes it doesn't do it the right way. Therefore, since there is no magic machine that will make us lose fat, I would only recommend using those that do not have an injury risk index first (which we can check with our gym monitor) especially in the face of possible muscle / joint weaknesses that we may have due to bad habits and, secondly, prioritize the ones we like the most to generate the greatest adherence to the possible practice. In addition, it is important that we try to work all muscle groups at least once throughout each week.

5. And let's talk now about the type of food. What foods do you recommend eating before and after training to get fat burning?

(Laughs) I won't get tired of repeating that there is no magic food or miracle diet. I think the most important thing is that we look for natural foods and let's prioritize real food (fruits, vegetables, meats, heavy …). When we go to the supermarket, without a doubt, what we find most often are ultra-processed foods and prepared to “make our work easier” but, without a doubt, a habitual use of this type of food can put our health at risk and eliminate any option of get the results we are looking for (in this case lose fat).

Of course, even if we feed on “real food, we must take into account the energy balance in which we find ourselves, Well, if we want to lose fat we will always try to spend more calories a day than we consume.

David Montero, fitness coach

David Montero (@deivefitness) is a personal trainer and founder of Ultimate Fitness. In their social networks you can find videos and tips to lead a healthy lifestyle, based on physical activity. Do not miss them! 😉

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