Brooches to match the latest fashion in footwear


As we know, fashion accessories are very important to get the "total look" that is fashionable and to give the final finish to the style we are wearing. In addition, accessories (hair ornaments, brooches, bags, shoes) have to combine with each other. Today we are going to talk about the types of brooches, felt and other materials and fabrics, which are worn this season combined with the footwear models proposed in shoesobi and that they are very fashionable this autumn-winter.

Felt brooches with zippers and tacks

If you look closely at what is going to take This season, without a doubt, we find the style «Heavy loaded», which are very loaded boots with buckles, studs, zippers and other metal accessories very typical of punk or heavy culture. To combine with this type of booties, it is best to make a felt brooch with zippers. like this black cat whose silhouette is marked by a silver zipper. They combine perfectly! Imagine it on in a denim jacket or leather jacket.

Felt brooches with a lot of hair

Another trend this season is that the ankle boots, and not only the Ugg, but also these Sixtyseven brand have a lot of hair in sight, usually in the upper part of the medium-high cane, but also this one Turn around so that the hair is well in sight. To combine with this trend we think of wearing brooches of felt felt as we see in the image, which is pure "faux fur" in its appearance and texture. If we do it in a color similar to the booty, much better for the total combination.

Felt brooches with stars and glitters

The Mou brand offers us a very funny trend and gives a return to the typical smooth Ugg boots without much grace and is closer to the Eskimo style. In this case, they are adorned with decorative laces and, what interests us most, with stars and diamonds. That is why we believe that they combine luxury with either star-shaped bright brooches or with star-shaped felt brooches and that have bright, brightly stitched beads or beads, like the ones we see in the image. At Christmas the look will be total!

Garnet Velvet Brooches

The Strada has hit it this year with this garnet booty that has an elastic part as if it were a sock, a type of footwear that is very trendy this season. You can make brooches that have this type of die cut fabric or you can also notice that the garnet comes strong, both in the ankle boots and leather shoes, as in the suede and velvet, and make yourself with a beautiful embroidered garnet velvet brooch like which we show you and will be luxurious.

Brooches with patterned fabrics

"Printed" ankle boots are also worn, that is, those that have their own upholstery prints, such as jacquard floral prints, but also other textures of other garments, such as tweed or satin, always looking for the aesthetics of opulent upholstery . Note that the best thing to combine this type of ankle boots can be an opulent brooch, where different fabrics, different layers, even gold, are mixed and it is topped with tassels, feathers or fringes.

What do you think of these brooches to combine with the latest fashion in footwear? Do you think they combine well? Have we left any essential trend or do you have any other idea of ​​brooches that can combine with these? We are waiting your comments!

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