Brompton Cemetery in London, mystery and legends


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In this London cemetery there are about 30,000 gravestones, statues, mausoleums, it was the scene of Beatrix Potter rides and even has a time machine

In the west of London opens on Brompton Cemetery, one of the best known in the British capital and one of the most visited. And not only because of the tourists who come to London to get to know one of the most interesting cities in the United Kingdom, but also by the Londoners themselves, who use this space as a park for walking, running and even events such as cinema and concert cycles.

Is a large cemetery, what welcomes the remains of 200,000 people and be part of Big Seven, seven private cemeteries that were built in the 19th century. It has a fairly formal construction, but below it several catacombs open and the mausoleums of venerable families They rise above its surface. And, if you walk through this park and read any of the tombstones, there are names that may be known.

Brompton Cemetery Courtoy Mausoleum

On his benches he sat Beatrix Potter to spend the afternoon And from those tombstones the writer and illustrator took out the names of the characters in her stories, including the same Peter Rabbit. One of the Guided visits They are made in this special cemetery is precisely in search of the names of these characters.

The streets of Brompton Cemetery They are full of statues, gravestones and funerary monuments. It is estimated that there are around 30,000 statues, gravestones and mausoleums, which turn this ride into something really spectacular. But in addition to the undoubted artistic interests, there are a mausoleum that attracts attention and has its own urban legend, something that makes it one of the most visited and mysterious cemetery.

A mausoleum with legend

Its about Courtoy mausoleum and in it rest the remains of Hannah Courtoy and two of his daughters. That, at least, is what is believed, because although there is a record of all the people who have buried in Brompton, these are not listed. The mausoleum is different from everything that can be seen in the cemetery. Has a egyptian inspiration, a culture that obsessed this wealthy victorian lady, widow of a millionaire from the city he seduced and gave him several daughters.

There are two curious things about this mausoleum. The first is that has no key. This was lost, they say, in the 1980s and since then the door has not been opened. The copy cannot be made, since it is not known exactly to whom the mausoleum belongs, so you cannot ask permission.

The second mystery surrounding the Courtoy mausoleum It is the legend that it is not a mausoleum, but that it is a time machine. Hannah Courtoy became friends with Joseph Bonomiwho told him that I had found a scroll that gave the indications for build a time machine. With the help of a somewhat eccentric scientist, who apparently shaped this time machine.

Brompton Cemetery in London

Truth or lie, the truth is that it seems that Hannah mysteriously disappeared for a while, as if it had vanished. And we can not know, because you can not access the mausoleum. By the way, Bonomi is also buried in the Brompton Cemetery and on his tombstone there are an Anubis on an Egyptian temple, very similar to the mausoleum and that looks directly towards this. They say that it is not the only strange mausoleum and that it could be one of the time machines distributed in a curious scheme around London.

Legend Tombs

In addition to these legends, there are many more incentives to discover the Brompton cemetery, as you can find tombs of personalities, and not just British. The Sioux chief Long Wolf, a warrior who fought in the famous battle of Little big horn against him infamous General Custer, died in London and was buried in this cemetery, after a pneumonia that contracted while participating in the show of Buffalo Bill He is another curious person who was buried there for a long time until he was repatriated to bury him in sacred ground.

Many exciting stories told by cemetery guides and that make it one of the most special in the British capital.

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