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94% of families their total income per month are below the value of the basic basket

Press release

Vicente Brito, President of the Network for the Defense of Labor, Property and the Constitution, said that the first half of 2019 reflects the worst social indicators, since oil becomes the main source of income for the country.

Any of the Venezuelan families can compare the amount of items that could acquire the month of January of this year, with those that reached to buy in the month of June and it becomes evident that it was reduced between 20% and 40%. According to the family income obtained in that period.

This is reflected by the different price increases that were made in the products that families consume to cover their needs for food, medicine, clothing, shoes or any other necessary product.

The sustained increase in poverty levels is worrying. It can be seen that 94% of families have their total monthly income below the value of the basic basket. 75% can not acquire the total of the basic food basket, since their total monthly income is less than their value, which is why they are considered to be at levels of critical poverty.

The most distressing thing is that extreme poverty doubled in the last two years, since the income of these families does not even cover half the value of the food basket and has been the most affected by the loss of purchasing power having to reduce the consumption of meat, milk, chicken, fish and eggs. Essential foods to have an adequate diet.

The importance of fiscal revenues from oil has already reached 100 years and since then these have become the means to improve the quality of life and well-being for Venezuelans. In that period of time there were a series of ups and downs in the living conditions of the families but at no other time are the levels of social deterioration reached as those currently observed.

This is reflected in all the indicators that have been presented by the organizations that follow up on how the quality of life of Venezuelans has deteriorated in relation to the reduction of social indices.

Where the levels of poverty, consumption capacity and purchasing power are considered as the social indexes that represent the biggest drops in the countries of the world. Venezuela being on the tail of this scourge.

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