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Brazilian Hair Removal in CDMX

Originally from Brazil where both men and women are accustomed to show off their bodies to the fullest, the Brazilian depilation Over the years, it spread to various countries of the world until arriving in Mexico and becoming a trend since we all like to look good, but above all we feel better.

And it is not only that others see us well on the beach or the pool, but that Brazilian hair removal is also very important for the care of our intimate hygiene.

But what is Brazilian Hair Removal itself and how is it different from Bikini Hair Removal?

Brazilian Hair Removal basically it consists of the depilation of our intimate zone, covering the pubis and the interglute line, while Bikini Hair Removal is performed only in the crotch area, which, as the name implies, allows us to wear a beautiful swimsuit or other everyday clothes. With the Brazilian we can use smaller clothes such as the famous flossing bikinis, just to cite an example.

What benefits does Brazilian hair removal bring?

What benefits does Brazilian hair removal bring?

The Brazilian Depilation undoubtedly brings a great diversity of benefits at the time of realizing it, since avoid excessive sweating In addition to helping to avoid bad odors, which leads to better hygiene and of course better aesthetics.

Is it safe to do Brazilian Hair Removal at home?

While there are techniques and tactics that we can use to shave at home the ideal in the case of Brazilian depilation is that we do it with experts like Wax Revolution who not only have highly trained personnel to do it in the safest way, but also have various branches in the Mexico City which in turn represents a plus; Among the branches they have in the CDMX are:

Countess colony.

Lomas de Chapultepec.


Santa Fe.

Colonia del Valle.



Juarez Colony.


Colonia Roma Norte.

Colonia Guadalupe Inn.

In addition to branches in Querétaro, Mazatlan (Sinaloa), and Puebla.

Is Brazilian Hair Removal expensive?

Beyond what we came to think the Brazilian hair removal is really very economical Above all, taking into account the benefits that it entails when it comes to being carried out by an expert, since beyond the economic issue the most important thing is that we are in a completely comfortable, relaxed, and professional environment, and that at your Once all our doubts are resolved before, during and after the treatment.

So don't think about it anymore, go to your Studio Wax Revolution nearest in Mexico City or in any of its branches within the republic and see for yourself.

“Intimate hair removal is the specialty of our company and there is no one, absolutely nobody, who compares us in quality and professionalism”

Come and try the Wax difference!

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