Board games are booming and will take your eyes off the screens for a while


I was checking the web when I remembered that Nintendo had its beginnings selling card games. A historical fact that many people do not know (including myself, until recently).

A game that captivated me from the beginning was chess, this whole theme of a war between two kingdoms, the kingdom that attacks and the other defends itself. Where each card has its own characteristics, allowing that combined use of their abilities can create authentic unforgettable plays.

Since I have this board game in mind, why not keep an eye on those that are booming these days? After all, my view needs to get away from the screens a bit.

Here are the 3 table games for two players that are worth considering this 2019:

Twlight struggle

For many the best board game for two people. Several awards accompany this exciting historical duel located in the middle of the cold war. If you are looking for a game that leaves you speechless, start here. It is our favorite!

What if in addition to having a laugh a while, you learn some history while playing? It seems phenomenal to me so I present Twilight Struggle, considered by many to be the best board game for two people.

It has several awards and fun is guaranteed. Do not stand without trying it!



This is one of those ideal games to take them out when a family member arrives or that good friend who we didn't see here for so long. It is not wasted since the games are quite agile.

By the way the game is about doing business. Yes, it is a game where the objective is to be the best Merchant in the Middle East so you must test your skills as a merchant to enjoy the pleasures that go intrinsic when you are part of the nobility.

If you do not have money in your real life, because in Jaipur you can make the thing change even if it is mere entertainment, you will fill your life with laughter.


7 wonders duel

It's time for … of.dddddd … of grief! although this time I don't talk to you about Yu-Gi-Oh! (I used to enjoy my teenage years a lot when I was going to swell my voice to simulate the Yugi and … Lightning! I shouldn't have written that!)

We better return to 7 wonders duel. This wonderful and spectacular work of art has a very simple mechanics but this does not confuse us because its frenetic pace and especially its final phase of epic magnitudes make it one of the best options to play with another person.

It is very addictive and fun. You will be very good if you invite someone to your house to play some games because it is a game not very conventional, but of those that you will not want to stop playing.


Games for two people who strengthen relationships

If I think about it coldly, I get scared of how we have become accustomed to playing with our friends, friends, couple, family regardless of distance, thanks to mobile phones and different videogame platforms.

This seems very positive because it allows communication to continue even when we are away. Although, from my point of view, nothing replaces the feeling of having that person next to you, share laughs or face challenges.

Playing an online game is exciting but doing it in person has a completely different magic.

I hope these board games will help you kill your time, have fun and give your eyes a break for a few moments. You can visit, I recommend it because I have found games that I did not know and that have been of great benefit as far as the aspect of socializing is concerned.

I invite you to share and comment on this article but above all, enjoy the people you really appreciate. That's all from my side. Have a happy game!

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