Blender, open source software for 3D creation


Blender, open source software for 3D creation

The world we live in is three-dimensional. The representation of this world on paper or on a computer screen is not an easy task. The only way to do this is to have the right application. The one we bring back today, after an imminent update, is among the best, if not the best.

Blender It is a creation suite designed for 3D design. It is open source, totally free, which is based on a GNU license. It works on the best known operating systems, Windows, Linux or macOS, and has nothing to envy to other commercial applications, among which Autodesk 3ds Max stands out. It includes tools for modeling objects from the division of their surface into polygonal figures. Among the different types of 3D elements that can be created are polygonal meshes, NURBS surfaces, curves of bezier Y B-spline, the metaballs, or vector sources.

What can be done with Blender?

But it's not just that, there is much more. It is capable of sculpting figures from 2D and 3D bitmaps, producing animations, creating renderings using its internal ray-tracing engine, and doing everything that programs of this type should offer. All this on a highly manageable interface, with different windows very easy to configure. It allows the option of undoing at all levels, or the use of all types of text sources in different languages. A feature to highlight is the option to use scripts in Python language in the editor. It includes a large number of themes that will serve as the basis for bringing the three-dimensional world to be created.

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