Bitdefender, maximum security for both Android and PC


When we talk about electronic devices, security is very important. Possible attacks or viruses are one of the aspects that scare users the most. And that is why it is important that we have a good antivirus. Bitdefender is one of the most popular and also most effective options.

The great advantage that Bitdefender has is that it has a wide range of possibilities, so that you pay only for the protection you need. Most of its applications are aimed at defending Windows PCs, but it also has protection for Android.

And even for other mobile operating systems such as iOS. You can also hire a complete package that protects all your devices.

Bitdefender, maximum protection for mobile and computer

Android protection

The Android version of this antivirus is specially designed so that you can use your mobile with total security. It is true that Google has its operating system quite protected, so it is not too common to suffer virus or hacking problems.

But the reality is that no one is free to have a problem of this kind, so a little extra protection may be the most appropriate.

Using Bitdefender on your mobile, you can perform analysis whenever you want, to make sure that the apps you have installed are completely clean.

But in addition this antivirus has many other additional options. For example, you will get notifications every time a website you have entered has security problems. It also has a remote mobile locking system, which will allow you to prevent other people from using it in the unfortunate event that you suffer a steal or lose it. And all the options have been designed so as not to suffer too much impact on the battery.

Bitdefender defends your PC from viruses

As we have said, most of the options offered by this antivirus are computer oriented. There are several protection packages with which you can hire exactly the services you need.

One of the most interesting is Bitdefender Internet Security 2020. This service is intended to prevent malware from the web and other types of attacks, although it also has other interesting options such as parental control.

You also have the option of hiring Bitdefender Total Security 2020. With this package you will have both the protection for your PC and the antivirus for your Android phone at a lower price.

You can have up to a total of 3 devices in the basic protection package, which costs 24.99 euros the first year. And till 5 devices different protected for the same price, in the most advanced package, which costs 34 euros the first year.

Have you ever used Bitdefender? Do you have any other antivirus on your smartphone or do you simply rely on Google's criteria? We invite you to go through the comments section that you can find below and tell us your impressions about this type of protection.

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