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The good weather is here and we begin to think about the summer, the swimming pool … that's why today I bring you as every year the post of Bikinis and swimsuits 2019.

Although it may not seem so because it is still too early there are already many stores with bikinis on, we just have to find the right one, so I bring you the best of each store:

Summer bikinis Yoins 2019:yoins bikinis and swimsuits 2016

On the web >>> Yoins, they have many bikinis, most of them very original and quite cheap, you just have to press the size button and put them in Eu, so that you can mark those of Europe.

The first bikini I show you this brand is white and with very cool strips, but you know the best is its price of € 9.11. When you buy on this page remember to change the currency to the euro, you can do it in the bar above and it is all super cheap, you can see this bikini in >>> White bikini summer 2019.

The second Yoins bikini is pink and it is the style that is being seen the most for this summer. It has braids on the neckline and there are more colors, its price is € 9.11 and you can see it in >>> Pink bikini braids.

Finally of this brand I show you this black, which is ideal for those girls who want to go comfortable to the beach and pool, with this type of bikinis you have no problem leaving the water and having to always be sure that everything is in your site

The good thing about black bikinis is that if we get tired then we can combine it with the top or bottom of any other we have. Its price is € 9.12 and you can see it in >>> Comfortable black bikini

unequal bikinis 2016

Desigual Bikinis:

The second bikinis are from «La la la la la, I'm always unequal»That song is too catchy to name the brand and not remember. The first and last bikini are quite normal like the typical triangle but with very summer and original prints. Both bikinis are priced at € 29.95.

Regarding the second bikini that I teach you from unequal, it is a triangular cup bikini with tropical motifs. We can tie it both to the neck and back and the price is the same as the previous ones.

kiabi summer 2016 bikinis and swimsuits

Kiabi Bikinis:

In kiabi they have many bikinis and swimsuits especially for children they have them in a thousand ways. But for women too, the good thing about kiabi is that you can combine sizes, for example a 38 below and a 42 above or as you like.

The first thing I teach you about kiabi is a swimsuit with its back in the air Black, it is very feminine and there are several colors. Its price is 10 euros.

Bikini with flounced chest and bandeau. Although they are not seen it has rings and whales for a better support of the chest. The price of this bikini for summer 2016 is 12 euros.

In kiabi they have many bikinis for large sizes or real women Like this one that is very elegant, its price is 18 euros, they are a bit more expensive.

And here the post of swimsuits and bikinis for summer 2016, I will bring you more news but I do not want the post to become eternal, and you have just had enough bikinis.

What do you think about bikinis for this summer 2019? Do you renew or do you already have?

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