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Every year we see how there are certain tattoos that they take relevance and become fashionable, since they are a reflection of our time, our philosophy, our values ​​and our tastes. We can be talking about certain words or phrases, fonts, illustration styles, colors… all this influences when a tattoo is trend, as well as the images of tattoos that we see through social networks, we like them and we want to carry something similar on our body. In this 2019 we have seen that there are certain tattoos for women that have taken center stage or that we saw them seeing these years ago and that they have consolidated, so watch out!


Women tattoos 2019 footprints

Fingerprint tattoos get a lot of fashion this year, especially those footprints that form symbols like hearts, clovers of four leaves or any element that has positive and deep meaning for the person who carries it. Of course, you can also make the fingerprints represent as far as possible the mark that leaves the person's footprint Very important to you, as a family member or your partner.


Of course, they are still taking a lot of Arm Tattoos, either on the biceps, on the elbow, on the forearm or on the wrist, especially those mini tattoos or tiny tattoos, with simple lines but that are really cute or, as you would say in English, very cute. Look at this one that is from a plane going around the world … a world in little more than 2 centimeters … We say yes!


We have also seen this year how very detailed and very refined flower tattoos have taken center stage, those designs in which you can see all the nuances of the flower In this tattoo, we see how, in addition to the bbeauty and the delicacy of flowers, these form a latin cross, ideal for those who profess the Catholic religion.


A few years ago calligraphy has become fashionable again and many people want to retake this ancient art and write beautiful letters with their own hands. Pay attention, if not, in this sentence written with a precious very elegant cursive calligraphy. The phrase chosen is also very beautiful, says: I have this hope as an anchor for my soul, Or what is the same, I have this hope as an anchor for my soul.


We have seen many tattoos on the thigh, both in front and on the side going up the hip, but what we had not seen so much are the groin tattoos. They are very suggestive and attractive, there is no doubt. It is a trend of 2019 that we believe will stay with us for a long time.


Long live the frikerío. If you have a hobby that goes a bit out of the mainstream or you have a passion for something that is not very normal, but rather, paranormal (like aliens, abductions, UFOs …), they are more than welcome in tattoos … Geek pride.


Those short and meaningful phrases, especially the motivational ones, continue to take a lot. That's why simple quotes like more to come or more to come / more to come (more adventures, more emotions, more love, more life …) tattooed on the heels or on the feet, they are simply perfect.


Animals never go out of style in tattoos, although the current trend is to tattoo them following the style of the realistic and delicate illustrations of ancient tales type "Alice in Wonderland", whose original illustrations are from Sir John Tenniel And they are a real … wonder.


Just as we were surprised to see tattoos in the groin, this idea of ​​tattooing on the knees has also left us speechless, since it is a trend of 2019 and is unusual. If you don't dare to do it on the same bone, it has to hurt cloth, to both sides they look great, how are you bees.


Women tattoos 2019 abstract art

We finish our selection with art, which is what we like most in the world. Can you imagine carrying a picture surreal and unique tattooed on your skin? Well, this is the proposal we make … hands that break down on their way to figures that go through the air … maybe, the meaning, only you will know.

We hope you liked these tattoo ideas for women 2019 and that if you are thinking of getting a tattoo this year, you will consider them.

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